Thursday, September 10, 2015

Parents happy their kids are going to school in trailers

DNA Info/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
From DNA Info:

As the Department of Education tries to remove classroom trailers from school yards, P.S. 144 in Forest Hills has just received a new one.

But the trailer, which was fought for by local parents and elected officials, is a welcome addition to the school to help with overcrowding while keeping kids in their neighborhoods. It will house fifth graders and help save two pre-k classes that faced cuts.

"It is thrilling to walk through the gates of P.S. 144 and see the school trailer in the schoolyard," said Pam Chowayou, one of the parents who advocated for it. "That trailer represents the culmination of our community's efforts to keep our pre-k and kindergarten kids at their locally zoned schools this fall."

Hmmm... is that what it represents? Seems to me it represents a sanctuary city with no growth planning.


Roger said...

It also represents a loss of playground space.

Anonymous said...

It's the "going to PS 144 instead of Jamaica" part, not the trailers part that makes them happy, QC.

Anonymous said...

We are willing to settle for so little because we are in fear of our elected officials who have brow beaten us for so long that we got to like it.
It should be the elected officials who fear the wrath of the voters. But this is America, where freedom only belongs to the power holders.

In this case YOU have handed over YOUR power as voters, to the elected bosses. Something is very wrong here.

I am voting for Trump.
If we have to have an egotistical dictator, then let it be one who knows how to effectively run a business. It might surprise us all to have such a catalytic change in procedure. What is democracy? What is America? A great experiment. So...let us experiment.
The great laboratory of our republic has been polluted with corruption. Hillary out. The Donald in.

And may the Lord protect and defend us all.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems of dividing communities by ethnic racial lines by the machine - it pits one group against another and keeps everyone clueless from hearing anything from an outside party - unless its vetted by the machine.

To destroy the machine (and its far easier to do than you give credit) you have to attack its methods.

Anonymous said...

There's no child in the world today without the right to occupy a seat in a New York City public school.

It's only a matter of logistics to get them from their present third-world-hell to here.

NYC taxpayers make it all happen.

Anonymous said...

NYC taxpayers make it all happen.

... by electing the nitwits that piss away their hard earned money for the interests of the machine.

Jim Rockford said...

Slack-jawed white hillbillies living in trailers in West Virginia are referred to derisively as "trailer trash".

Given a choice between attending classes in a trailer in Forest Hills or a standard classroom in Rego Park, I think they made the right choice!

Eminem lived in a trailer park, look where he is today!

I live in a trailer - 29 Cove Road, Malibu, California. I'll take my trailer with my beachside view over your Queens apartment ANY DAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Just start deporting and we will all be better off!

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace, and to think this school is where Melinda Katz's kid and Andrew Hevesi's kid attends. You would think they could have done something better.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Boro President run on the platform to rid Queens of all of its classroom trailers?????

Anonymous said...

Ever seen folks living in trailer parks?