Tuesday, September 22, 2015

City wants money back from crooked Queens contractors

From the Daily News:

The housing authority paid $8 million to a Queens scaffolding company it now says was run by a couple of crooks operating right under their noses.

And now they want it all back.

Two weeks ago, NYCHA lawyers sued Metropolitan Bridge & Scaffolds Corp., demanding repayment of everything the firm has pocketed since it first won a contract to put up sidewalk sheds across the city in 2009.

The actions of Metropolitan and its principals are now the subject of an inquiry by the city Investigation Department, according to sources familiar with the matter.

NYCHA picked Metropolitan as the lowest responsible bidder a mere three months after the two men who founded the firm were busted on bribery charges.


(sarc) said...

The city government knows how to pick them!

Glad they picked a "responsible" bidder, must be a real high standard.

They will Spend 16 million dollars of city resources to try to recoup the $8 million.

You know that money is GONE... Poooof

Your hard earned TAX dollars wasted...

Anonymous said...

NYC is all about bribes. That's why it's so expensive to live there..

Anonymous said...

They'll spin their wheels for awhile, Have press conferences, get nowhere and forget about it.. No charges will be filed no one will be punished blah blah blah...

JQ said...

So let's get this straight because when I read this my eyes literally boggled. Our city with our tax dollars that was led by an supposed smart businessman mayor gave these mooks a contract after they were charged with bribery (actually more of the moronic credit should go to the criminally negligent former NYCHA head John Shea). Is there a possible way we can have Mayor Fun Size Bloomie extradited from London and make him culpable for the plunder and continuing urban decay?

there's going to be some interesting developments in the projects soon, and I'm not talking about buildings going up in supposed unused parking lots and cruddy park areas. Although can anyone imagine the developers or most likely shell companies that will be awarded contracts to supposedly improve these buildings.

I think it's time for real enforcement. There should be a squadron in the NYPD to go after these imbeciles, because this housing crisis is going to get worse unless they are genuinely threatened with imprisonment, and that includes those who are deliberately incompetent.

Anonymous said...

"NYCHA picked Metropolitan as the lowest responsible bidder a mere three months after the two men who founded the firm were busted on bribery charges."
Who is the person at NYCHA responsible for making the selection?

JQ said...

who is the person responsible for making the selection?

The notorious John Shea was chairman at the time

JQ said...

Correction that scumbag's name is Rhea, all apologies.