Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jackson Heights residents concerned about gentrification

From Progress Queens:

The members of the Land Use Committee of Queens Community Board 3 have not responded to a letter submitted on behalf of the Jackson Heights community of residents, seeking comment about recent, major changes in commercial businesses.

The September 13 letter was sent by e-mail to the general e-mail account of Queens Community Board 3. The letter was signed by long-time Jackson Heights resident Susan Lippman and Louis Flores, the latter, who is the author of this article and the publisher of Progress Queens. In the past, Ms. Lippman has been a contributor to Progress Queens.

The letter sought to express concerns that have been growing in the community about changes in retail stores on 82nd Street, changes that community residents say may reflect upward pressure on commercial rents and a harbinger of gentrification.

A popular clothing store on 82nd Street closed and relocated to Junction Blvd., and plans were immediately made for the clothing store's former 82nd Street location to be replaced by a Banana Republic, raising concerns that the commercial landlord may be raising rents in order to attract expensive, chain store retailers.

Word is also spreading in the community that a 10-story hotel may be set to rise at 37-23 72nd Street near Broadway.

The e-mail transmitting the letter to Community Board 3 was copied to the office of Councilmember Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights), who also did not provide any response to the e-mail.


(sarc) said...

So who wants to tell the landlords what stores they can and cannot rent too? And for how much?

I guess they want a Dollar store in every storefront?

Can we tell you where you can and cannot live?
And what rent you should pay?

Anonymous said...

Just because a businessman sees opprtunity for a luxury development does not automatically mean some shady deal took place. That said, Louis Flores is a one man investigative army, worth more than all the Queens weeklies put together.

Anonymous said...

these are the people who welcomed in illegal immigrants. what the heck did they expect? they should move out

Anonymous said...

Dromm is a filthy bum, a disgrace who shouldn't be allowed to hold office even in a Bananna Republic.

JQ said...

Another case of a store that does well, provides a necessary service to the community and is forced out by the property pimp demanding 2,3, or 5 times the rent. Just to replace it with a store that sells clothing also but to an upscale demographic.

How can one not see this as a gentrification move is ludicrous. The people of Jackson Heights should also be wary if palatable street art starts appearing on the sides of their abodes.

Anonymous said...

Should do this for community board 1 and show all the ties to the vallones.

Anonymous said...

"The people of Jackson Heights should also be wary if palatable street art starts appearing on the sides of their abodes."

Street art? You mean graffiti. there is no "art" that comes from vandalism. the owners might be slime, but glad that eyesore of "art" 5 Pointz is gone too.

Anonymous said...

A clothing store replaced with a clothing store? What's the story here?