Friday, September 11, 2015

Feds bust Water's Edge owner

Metropolitan Report
From the Queens Courier:

Federal agents collared the owner of a prestigious Long Island City restaurant and other fine dining establishments on Wednesday morning for an alleged kickback scheme involving officials in Nassau County.

Harendra Singh, 56, was taken into custody at his Syosset home by the FBI and later arraigned on charges including honest services wire fraud, federal program bribery, disaster relief fraud, tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.

Singh operates Singh Hospitality Group, which owns The Water’s Edge restaurant in Long Island City and six other establishments in Nassau and Suffolk counties.


(sarc) said...

Government officials on the take???


Say it isn't so.

Joe said...

This same Indian dude was at the Hall of Science new $500 million dollar wing opening exhibition some years ago hanging with Estelle Cooper. They had a "private" after party at Terrace on the park afterward, the good one with the free booze. (Estelle had the press and I rounded up kicked out the building)

I had worked on part of the rocket park restoration and Mercury capsule restoration project something she didn’t want. At opening day for that I advised Walter Cronkite and John Glenn this shitter was NOW looking to take credit and schmooze photos in front the press and TV people with them.
The Hall of Science director and a load of others lost their jobs in the weeks following. Now rich people from India just about run and own that place and decide who gets hired.

Anonymous said...

If he did all this he also was cheating on state and Federal taxes//// If the guy has any brains he has been depositing his millions in a bank in India (out of sight from the IRS) so that its waiting for him when he jumps bail. I have seen it many times that these sleezes jump bail and scoot back to their wretched homeland even if they have surrendered their US passport. They have other nations passports to use. They just have to get their butt down to Mexico and fly to their cess-pit homeland from there.

I am not singling out this Singh who is likely a Sikh. All kinds of Middle Eastern types and those from India/Pakistani/Bangladesh/China/Korea dodge taxes. Their attitude is paying taxes is for suckers aka Americans