Thursday, September 3, 2015

Queens has crappiest subway stations

From LIC Post:

The majority of New York City’s worst-condition subway stations are in Queens, a new report from the Citizens Budget Commission has found.

The CBC, a New York finance-oriented nonprofit, released a report Wednesday that examines both the quality of subway stations citywide and the MTA’s system for repairing them. Leveraging MTA data on station conditions, the CBC identified the system’s 33 poorest-condition stations, about half of which are in Queens.

A station is in bad condition when a significant portion of its “structural components” – its platform edges, stairs and other pieces related to its functionality – are found to be in disrepair.

The City’s worst station is 52nd Street-Roosevelt Avenue on the 7 line in Sunnyside/Woodside, where 23 of 29 structural components, or 79 percent, need repair.

Other stations with substantial disrepair include 30th Avenue on the N/Q in Astoria (72 percent of structural components), 103 Street-Corona Plaza on the 7 (68 percent) and 36 Avenue on the N/Q in Astoria (67 percent).

The CBC’s report throws cold water on a repair plan that the MTA devised in 2010. The agency switched from its previous method of repairing entire stations at a time to addressing individual station components on a priority basis.


Anonymous said...

"The (3rd) World's Borough" gets the lousiest subway stations.
To a 3rd worlder, they are paradise! Nobody complains loud enough in Queens. They are afraid of their politicians.
Then you have a developers's slut for borough president.

Joe Moretti said...

Go to 169th Street stop in Jamaica on Hillside. What a mess, plus a horrible stench that smells like shit. A few years ago when I asked about that, I was told it was from the cooking oil that is dumped by the I-HOP on Hillside. Don't know how true that is, but the fact that if it is and still going on tells you how fucked up this city really is. Take no action is the motto.

When you have failed leadership in a borough, this is what you get. Shit leadership and shit everywhere.

Anonymous said...

...and crappiest libraries, parks, schools, roads, and bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Yep all of nyc is shit that's why I call it new york shitty! I was listening to this stupid liberal kid yesterday waiting for the 7 train and he was saying how absurd the nyc transit system is! I told him, this city sucks anymore anyway, I was born and raised here and I'm glad I'm about to move! Welcome to new York shitty!

Anonymous said...

11th Street on the #7 line has the filthiest health hazards.
Pigeon shit covers the handrails people need to hold onto.
And that's a FMCP stop.

Anonymous said...

" lanes."

Speaking of bike lanes, I recently was on 164th street by Kissena park and witnessed two bikers going in opposite directions in the same bike lane. Neither would yield and crashed into each other.

Perverse justice.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you suck up to the pols in Queens and let them do the thinking for you.

The Queens pols treat you all like mushrooms: feed you crap, keep you in the dark, and cut off the head of anyone that tries to get out of the dirt.

(sarc) said...

That's what you get with a ONE party system!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

You people keep electing these same cast of characters.
They are just rotated around, like rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic.

NO balance, NO ying NO yang.

Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And you get the government you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4: How did you know the kid was a Liberal? Was he wearing some kind of ID tag?

Anonymous said...

Yay-my old stop at 103rd St is at the top of a list.

Anonymous said...

No one compplains because they're all illegal!!! The only time they complain is to sue someone!!!

Anonymous said...

My Kew Gardens Hills library branch is STILL not reopened after 2 1/2 years, when it was closed for "renovation". You hardly see anyone doing anything on the job site.

The roads around Queens are like driving over a washboard, with numerous unrepaired potholes, waves in the pavement, horrific patch jobs. I called in a very bad sinkhole and wave, the "repair" crew came and their work collapsed the very next day back into the sinkhole. They reminded me of those traveling driveway repavement crooks who used to come around, offering to repave your driveway--with what turned out to be old motor oil and stuff like that.

What's with the Van Wyck? There are many fair-weather days I see NO ONE working on the extensive work areas, lengthening the misery of congestion around the construction sites.

These are basic infrastructure issues which never seem to be addressed. But there's ALWAYS plenty of taxpayer money to dole out to ILLEGAL trash immigrants plus all their "required services"---ESL teachers, EBT cards, housing, welfare checks. Yeah, and they come here to work---murder, rape, killing people driving drunk, and then send the money they earn back to "their country", depriving our country of taxes. Throw these social parasites the heck OUT.

ron s said...

How much did we spend on the 11th avenue Hudson Yards palatial 7 train station? If we made a regular station there we could use the extra billions to fix things up in the less "influential" neighborhoods.

Robert Putnam said...

"Queens has crappiest subway stations"

Yes, but, but, but......Diversity!!!........Vibrant!!!!!

Anon No. 4: How did you know the kid was a Liberal? Was he wearing some kind of ID tag?

'Nuff said......

Anonymous said...

The filth, the diseases, the garbage, the smell... and that's just the riders!!!

Anonymous said...

The Astoria Line* is only SIX stops, and FIVE (5) of these stations made the crappy list (only head/end Ditmars did not qualify). *[N,Q, formerly RR]

This deterioration coincides with four decades of two City Council representatives, the Peter Vallones (Sr. 1974-2001, Jr. 2002-2013).

@ Bway station

JQ said...

If there are any people here who are masochistic just start and end your commute at the Lefferts Blvd. station. The NTA (the neglectful transit authority, the worst fucking transit system in the world) has been trying to renovate that station for almost 6 months. There is only one stairway available and next to Roosevelt ave. it probably is the most populous of all the stops in Queens. Exiting the train at the end of the day gives the impression of cows in a rendering plant or stacked pigs in cages waiting for slaughter. Of course, people's atrocious and stupid smartphone addictions makes the climb and the way down the steps even worse. And all the shit that's on liberty avenue from said renovation is worse, with all the construction materials, nets hogging the sidewalks and one side of the street, which is standard procedure these days when it comes to all the crass overdevelopment of towers.

I think these upgrades could have done more efficiently if the NTA did not bother with the 2nd ave line and 7 train extension to the high line. These are things the citizens did not want or even ask for. But tourists and our frivolous spending new neighbors came first.

Check out the boarding houses on the last 3 E line stops, these bums take chillaxing to a new level.

Anonymous said...

State Sen. Mike Gianaris said he is not happy with the current condition of the stations. “For too long, our mass transit system has been in need of improvement, especially the N, Q and 7 lines. The MTA has failed to recognize the rapid growth of our neighborhoods and our infrastructure is not keeping pace.”
But Mystery Mike only breaks from his job of harvesting money from his community to pay the coffers of party lobbyists to tout for even more development. Cannot think of a significant thing this guy has ever done but show up in the center of some Gazette front page photo.

Joe Moretti said...

How can a Borough President boast about Queens all the time, you know “the world’s borough”, yet so much of Queens with few exceptions are filled with garbage, awful road conditions, poor quality of life and now add to that list some of the worst subway stations in NYC.

Yet gazillions of dollars are thrown at the LIC Court Square 7 Subway station and and the 11th Avenue Hudson Yards magnificent 7 train station, while most of Queens subway stations look like third world crap. Jamaica’s 169th street F station is a mess of everything falling apart and a horrible sewage smell that has been going on for years. The 179th St F station not only has a homeless problem but stairs in poor condition that are ripe for a law suit.

Ironic too, how many of these subway stations are located in communities of color. Food for thought.

Yet, Melinda Katz has no problem giving $300,000 to a Manhattan Park, while most of Queens falls into squalor. This is what happens when you have poor leadership that has been bought by big money and real estate developers, people who do not really give a crap and a focus on “certain” neighborhoods.

I mean what does that tell you about the morals of Melinda Katz who is always speaking about how wonderful Queens is, but the reality is most of it has turned to crap and she and others have help move the crap along.