Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Strange turn of events for Steinway Mansion

From the Times Ledger:

Mystery surrounds the future of the Steinway Mansion.

Philip Loria, an Astoria-based attorney, is denying he sold historic home to attorney Karl McNamara, which the TimesLedger Newspapers reported Monday based on information provided by the Greater Astoria Historical Society.

“I want to make it unequivocally clear that the Steinway Mansion was never sold not is it in contract to be sold,” Loria said. “Furthermore, I do not know of any attorney Karl McNamara not had I ever had any discussions, conversations or dealings whatsoever with this alleged individual.”

Karl McNamara is scheduled to make a presentation at a public meeting at the Greater Astoria Historical Society Monday at 7 p.m. to discuss the purchase of the iconic mansion, his plans to restore it and open the Steinway Conservatory.


Anonymous said...

Wow. He said he said. Someone is flat-out lying. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that the mention of the conservancy has been removed from the group's Facebook page and Karl McNamara has deleted his Facebook account.

Anonymous said...

I guess I need to change my plans for Monday

Anonymous said...

Hell no, this should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Karl's facebook is back.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Mc Namara, the phantom of GAHS might drop in....that is, in spirit!
Be sure to attend with your Ouja board.
This is getting interesting. Maybe the place is haunted and nobody wants to buy it.
Boooooooo! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Git ya fynal post hear-a folks.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Loria at all - he has done a nice job of deflecting the blame away from the pols as he hawks the building, like spare lumber, on Craigs List where people with names like Frankie Marbles drool over the idea of ownership.

The Friends are awesome.

Everyday they drag that mansion into the Astoria public square banging a drum, while the Astoria Village lumpkins gather sullenly around, hands in pockets, staring at their feet, while the Village Idiots pick apart the building's legacy and the community's future.

Great role models for their children. eh?

Anonymous said...

"The Friends are awesome".
If you mean the Friends of gotta be kidding!
Navel gazing idiots full of self importance.
What they have accomplished couldn't fit into a midget's navel.

Anonymous said...

I see the fat guy singing but not the fat lady.

She is still in her chair giggling. I'm not going anywhere nor should you. Even Hollywood can't dream up scripts that, for the rest of us, is just everyday life here in good old Queens!

The warped world the Party forces on you all would be hilarious - if it wasn't so sad and totally unnecessary.

Knock it down and let's get on with it said...

Betcha Loria wishes he could pull the whole damn thing down and be done with it - this protective wall-building and all.

Anonymous said...

Karl and his minion has wiped the internet clean of their presence. Of course its all long copied. hee hee hee

You know they were keen on Caliendo and that $10 MM Peter Vallone Sr. Entertainment Center boondoggle in Astoria Park.

Anonymous said...

Liar Liar your pants are on fire.
So the lack of any announcement on 9/21 should serve to prove to all the haters, that GAHS and "vanishing" Karl are LIARS.
I'm not sure who's done the bigger injustice to this cause, the liar (Bob Singleton) or the news paper that printed his lies without a single fact check. Bobby the good news is, the bullshit always floats.