Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flushing couple charged with Long Island sex trafficking

From WPIX:

A Queens couple has been charged with sex trafficking after forcing two of their employees into performing sexual acts on customers in massage parlors they owned in Nassau County, a county prosecutor announced Thursday.

Zhaowei Yin, 49, and his wife, Shuwen Ai, 46, of Flushing were arrested by authorities following a months-long investigation by Nassau County police and District Attorney investigators.


(sarc) said...

Are they in this country legally?
The news never looks into this or reports it!

This immigration and diversity thing is just wonderful, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Should have been NO BAIL or 2 million dollar bail.

Does the dumb ass judge really think they will be back in court on Oct 15?
That $250K is considered a fine and they are no doubt over the border already

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they will shuffle their names around and apply for welfare, food stamps and medicaid. She will get pregnant to avoid trial and the US government will pay for their children.

Anonymous said...

Queens....full of "model minorities"!

Anonymous said...

Chinese, of course...
running a vibrant business.
Before the invAsian , Flushing never had this crime rate.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

Anonymous said...

Flooshing and prostitution, gambling?
Nah that can't be.
They don't need the money, they have all the cash in the world.

Maybe one of these days some task force will look into the matter, because it looks really really bad since several federal, state and local laws are violated every day.

I know - wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

"The case unfolded after both victims were arrested for prostitution. Once it became clear that they were trafficking victims, their charges were dismissed."

That seems like pretty good motivation for any sex worker to claim they are a victim of trafficking.

Of course this comment won't be posted because crapper cowers like a bitch from any opposing opinions on this issue. Coward.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants - do the sex-trafficking that Americans are unable or unwilling to do.

Tsalagi said...

143-27A Roosevelt Ave. 1st floor has been operating a whorehouse for years ! Thousands of ads posted on line just google the address put massage next to said address ! Yet the 109th does nothing hmm whose getting their pockets lined ?!?!?