Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hollis apartment buildings may become shelters

From DNA Info:

Residents and elected officials worry that six long-abandoned apartment buildings on Hollis Avenue in Hollis will be turned into a homeless shelter or transitional housing.

Locals became suspicious after bunk beds, which can be seen through the windows, were placed inside the buildings between 202nd and 204th streets, which have undergone substantial renovations in recent months.

“Who furnishes their apartment building with the same bunk beds in empty rooms?” asked Community Board 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams, who has protested with a group of residents in front of the development every Saturday.

Local Councilman Daneek Miller said that the landlord, Rita Stark, who inherited a number of properties in Queens from her late father Fred in the late 1980s, allowed the complex to deteriorate for more than 20 years.


JQ said...

That trust fund baby Rita Stark should be thrown in jail for criminal negligence for letting those buildings rot. She clearly took advantage of regulatory indifference by the DOB in the leper colony that is southeast queens.

If the warehousing of homeless and destitute people keep up like this, we're going to have to erect a statue for the huddled masses yearning for a room. Say a Statue of Poverty. And who better than our duplicitous lying mayor and his profiting wife.

Anonymous said...

Daneek Miller doesn't know anything other than how to drive a bus.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bunk beds instead of Murphy beds the apts used to have..Many years ago I looked at one of Freds apts. (late 50s)