Friday, September 18, 2015

Center Blvd may get ferry dock

From LIC Post:

The Long Island City ferry dock is likely to be located on northwest corner of Center Boulevard, according to representatives from the Economic Development Corp who spoke at a joint Hunters Point Parks Conservancy/Hunters Point Civic Association meeting at the Irish Center last night.

The EDC is currently working on expanding the East River ferry service and aims to introduce a new line by 2017 that will run from Hallets Cove in Astoria to Roosevelt Island, to Long Island City, to East 34th Street and Wall Street in Manhattan.

The Long Island City ferry dock will be in addition to the existing dock at Hunters Point South.

James Wong, director of ferries for the EDC, said the agency is currently evaluating the Center Boulevard site and another on 44th Drive (north of Anable Basin by Water’s Edge), but that the Center Boulevard is likely to be selected.


Anonymous said...

Great, now we taxpayers have to pay for a ferry dock in a flood zone to serve the waterfront hipsters' transportation needs.

JQ said...

Doesn't every big spending transplant that moved to the festering Blade Runner tumor tower town already have bikes or have shitibike stations? I can think of at least 2 other areas that could use ferry service, especially one that had it yanked away from them for no damn reason (that's rockaway).

Anonymous said...

More ferry docks and no companies (for the past 50 years) that can make a nickle running ferries. These are fantasy items by the EDC-- we have them all along the east side of Manhattan now. Better use would be fishing piers, and canoe and kayak ramps so folks could put in and get some fun and exercise on the water.

Anonymous said...

The rest of Queens gets crap!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seven waterways converge on Hell Gate, making navigation treacherous. They never did recover that Spanish Galleon, did they?