Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ciafones dabbling in dead storage

44-19 Broadway, Astoria. You may recall this property from a previous post that noted that Gina Argento owes $30K in fines on it.

It also still has a stop work order on it.

But there's something I forgot to mention last time.

The used car parking lot/dead storage in the yard next to it, also owned by Gina.

Step right up, folks. Johnny Ciafone will give you a great deal!


(sarc) said...

I bet the price of the car is negotiable.

You must play hardball with used car dealers!

Anonymous said...

AMC should develop a show about a crooked lawyer named Slippin Johnny. They could call it Better Phone Ciafone.
Talk about life imitating art!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are waiting for Dizzy Lizzy to get the violation killed. She should do something for the $18,000 they donated to her campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Ciafone = gavone!

Anonymous said...

That is on the border between Costa and Van Bramer's district.

What does that mean? No one will do anything.

For example on July 4, it was business as usual: Costa stayed north of the Grand Central and Jimmy with the Tower People completely missing on the fun as the kids in the nabe blocked streets and busses with bonfires of fireworks.

This place fits in - until it disappears when the black hole of development seeps in.

JQ said...

But the douchehag contributes so much to the city with all those T.V. shows and movies her production company costs, despite making it hell for the residents of Queens. Even the Blaz can overlook this urban blight considering what a generous friend she is to him, especially now that Halloween is near...

Seriously though considering this is in astoria which as been gentrified into yet another perennial spring break getaway for the Generation Gentrification sect of drunk bros and woo girls it's sort of baffling that they would let this stay abandoned.This wouldn't be out of place in glorious Jamaica queens with their almost artisanal lots of calamitous junk and debris.

In fact it could be a place to stow away the cars for the goons they hire if they want to rub out or beat down rent stabilized tenants or intrepid writers and whistleblowers. That price tagged car sort of gives the creepy feel of the car Harry Gundereson gave those hapless hitmen to kidnap his wife in Fargo.

As if that grey painted, boarded up shack isn't creepy enough.

JQ said...

I neglected to affix this link.

and this

"You can observe a lot by just watching."

Farewell, Yankees cacther, no. 8, Yogi Berra.

JQ said...

I forgot it was Jerry Lundegaard from fargo.

Henry22 said...

That part of Astoria is el barrio.

Anonymous said...

His signs were taken off the building - I guess they want to spruce it up for development.