Thursday, September 3, 2015

No one wants de Blasio's endorsement

From the Observer:

Sidestepping a race where his backing could do more harm than good, Mayor Bill de Blasio said this morning he isn’t planning on endorsing a Democrat to replace Councilman Mark Weprin. The six-way Democratic primary includes one candidate, Rebecca Lynch, who was a top City Hall aide. But Mr. de Blasio, who hired Ms. Lynch last year, said he hasn’t even really thought about the competitive race.

“I haven’t really looked at it. I don’t have a plan at this moment,” Mr. de Blasio told the Observer at an unrelated City Hall press conference. He did not elaborate.

Mr. de Blasio has not been shy about endorsing in local races. He backed former Councilman Vincent Gentile’s congressional bid earlier this year and weighed in on several Democratic primaries for the Assembly and State Senate in 2014.

But the primary for the open eastern Queens seat, which includes the neighborhoods of Bayside, Bellerose, Glen Oaks, Oakland Gardens, Queens Village and Douglaston, is not one where Mr. de Blasio’s endorsement is necessarily welcome. The leafy, suburban district is more moderate in its political bent. Many of the single-family, car-owning homeowners resent Mr. de Blasio’s desire to build cheap, dense housing throughout the city and slow down vehicular traffic. Political observers in the district say his popularity there is low.


Anonymous said...

"Political observers in the district say his popularity there is low."
Where is his popularity high?

Anonymous said...

I'd say that's a vote of no confidence.
De Blasio is a one termer.

Anonymous said...

Big Bill even screwed his "Black" power base.
His shrink better prescribe him some new medication.
His old sleep tablets give him a hangover.
That's why he's always late for meetings and is fuzzier than usual.

(sarc) said...

Have we checked with Bernie Sanders?
They are birds of a feather.

Remember - we said the same of Obama.
Everyone thought he would only serve one term.
Just when you thought it can't get any worse...

And in his final days in Gods waiting room, President James Earl Carter is smiling.
He may now die peacefully, knowing he will NOT be remembered as the WORST POTUS.

David Dinkins may be thinking similar thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca lynch is hiding from her own agenda such as sending pedophiles to your door. Not the mention she is beholden to corrupt working family party and union leader and fake union of carriage horse abusers.

Anonymous said...

Add a comment...

Rebecca Lynch why I don't support her
over 90 percent of her contribution from outside CD23. bought by corrupt Working family party. Political hack employed by Deblasio CAU. CAU just inept political hacks for deblasio. inept and dishonest.

Smart for herself. DeBlasio padded her with a job in the community affairs unit which basically campaigns for the mayor on taxpayers' monies. And Rebecca Lynch, a Teamsters union lobbyist who backed de Blasio’s
campaign, landed a gig as an $85,000-a-year special assistant in the CAU
before taking a leave of absence to launch a bid for City Council in

SHe also hired a pedophile to knock on people's doors. It takes a few seconds to check on whether one is a sex offender or not yet she employed people with no care to knock on your doors.
Over 90 percent of her contributions comes from outside the district. A district she moved in after Weprin vacated his seat. I guess that 125k for a part time job as city council is appealing enough for her to move back to CD23. May i say carpetbagger????

She was a paid lobbyist to destroy our parklands for a soccer stadium to be subsidized by the people despite the developer's wealth.

Her donors are gay baiting the community yet she doesn't denounce their behavior nor return their monies. Yet she states she supports LGBT community.

it like the tale of 2 rebecca lynches. SHe has no real agenda set forth. Just a bought political hack.

not to mention shed took over thousands from carriage horse industry to support the animal abuse and their fake union. There is no collective bargaining. and the drivers are classified as "independent" consultants. SO the sick paid leave the Lynch burden on legitimate small businesses doesn't apply to her friends the carriage owners. Its all cash business with no taxes or concession paid to the city nor any labor taxes paid.

Yes rebecca lynch like the horse carriage industry knows how to game the system.

Anonymous said...

I would usually never say this.. but in comparison to everyone else, I would have to vote for Grodenchik

JQ said...

Our toxic mayor remembers his pathetic sojourn a year ago to influence the last state senate and assembly elections.

At least The citizens in that district don't have Ruben Willis.