Friday, September 11, 2015

Sex offenders finally removed from shelter

Daily News
From the Queens Tribune:

In what a seemed like an unending battle with the community, the Skyway Men’s Shelter has finally removed the convicted sex offenders, which they housed in violation of city statutes less than 1,000 feet from local school PS/MS 124.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-South Jamaica) announced the good new at the Community Board 10 meeting in Ozone Park last Thursday. Wills stated it was a community effort, “It was all of us together as one.” He noted that there have been no incidents since the shelter the Skyway was turned exclusively into a men’s shelter in 2011.

“Deputy Inspector Schiff directed his officers to patrol PS/MS 124’s grounds, particularly during arrival and dismissal, as well as the surrounding park(s). In addition to those locations, the previous precinct commander, Deputy Inspector Thomas Pascale, arranged for patrols at the nearby gas station where offenders residing at Skyway were seen panhandling,” said a spokesperson for Wills’ office.

A press release from Wills’ office regarding the evacuation of the sex offenders stated, “I am pleased to report that sex offenders are no longer being housed at the Skyway Men’s Shelter. DHS has assured my office it will act more cautiously to ensure compliance with the State’s guidelines when sheltering such individuals, and I thank the Department for its cooperation.”


Anonymous said...

I would like to see sex offenders removed from the gene pool

Anonymous said...

I believe in China they pretty much just shoot you in the head for something like this-- perving on kids-- within a couple days after you're caught. Where can we vote for that?

Joe Moretti said...

BUT where are they going, I have not read anything about that in any media. That would be a good thing to know.

(sarc) said...

Anon #2

Not so fast about the Chinese, especially the Hmong!

They do not have the greatest of values either.

Remember that to them women are second class citizens, and young girls are even less valued.

Child brides, incest, abuse of little girls & women, prostitution, etc...

And then they tell the judge "it's their Culture"

Yes we must become more "multicultural".

Yea right, build a wall & deport them all.