Thursday, September 17, 2015

Record-setting Bell Blvd real estate deal

From the Queens Courier:

Buying a building on Bayside’s Bell Boulevard cost the area’s newest property owner a record-setting bundle.

Cushman & Wakefield announced on Monday it brokered a $4 million all-cash deal for 41-19 Bell Blvd., a single-story building currently leased to Lucille Roberts gym.

Measuring a total of 4,648 square feet, the new owner– AB Capstone– paid $860.59 per square foot, which the broker called a new record for the area.


Anonymous said...

seems cheap

Anonymous said...

Stand-by for another addition to "Bar Boulevard".

ron s said...

Can we build a 15 story building there?

Anonymous said...

It's not one's 2 stories technically and a basement. Lucille roberts over there is going out of business though? I go to this gym....I don't want it to close!

Anonymous said...

Are we getting an H-Mart or a korean BBQ?

Anonymous said...

The old , was it "Charmet" ???, site is now are duces to becoming a produce market....after being some kind of high end Indian spa that failed to do enough business.
That's located on the east side of the railroad tracks abutting it.

What a "KLASSY" boulevard. LOL! "
Bayside Village", my ass!
Who is running the BID? It's chief commodity seems to be overpriced real estate.
Soon it will become overbuilt like Flushing but filled with drunks. "Bar Boulevard" is the right name for Bell.

Anonymous said...

You know multiple floors will be going up-- check out Northern Blvd along Douglaston, Little and Great Neck.