Sunday, September 27, 2015

Avella calls out companies for illegal street storage

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), along with civic leaders and residents, rallied in College Point to protest the illegal storage of industrial materials and debris on public spaces.

Last year, Avella was able to get the city Department of Sanitation’s help in eliminating the problem, which he said has occurred at the intersection of 124th Street and 28th Avenue. At the time, several businesses misused public space to store heavy steel beams, bricks, pallets and waste, according to Avella.

But when he drove by the area a couple of weeks ago, he discovered that the illegal activity was taking place again. He contacted the Sanitation Department and the city Department of Transportation to alert them to the problem.

He commended Sanitation for taking action before but said the agency needs to take a more aggressive approach.


(sarc) said...

Of course they have to use the free public city property.

"The rent is too dam high"

Anonymous said...

Tell the senator to drive down 32nd Avenue between Linden Place and College Point Blvd. Same crap.

Anonymous said...

i am absolutely amazed at how people don't see the two-facedness of this sorry excuse for a politician. when he served on the city council he was contact numerous times about the illegal street storage of chemicals and other items by the "Spa Castle" in College Point and his response was "you can complain, but i cant do anything."

time and time again he has refused to speak out and all of a sudden now hes a champion for these types of issues. he couldn't give a damn about the communities as a whole, only certain sections. he's just another waste of space that needs to be dumped out on his ass with the rest of them in Albany.

Anonymous said...

So which elected rep in the area is doing something for you if not Avella? He's gotten more legislation passed than the rest of the Queens state reps. And he goes after city agencies that don't do their jobs. So how about telling us who you would rather see in Albany?

Anonymous said...

College Point Blvd. by Northern Blvd all those lumber companies placing their inventory on the sidewalk.

What about Northern Blvd where most used car dealers park their inventory on the sidewalk or partly interrupting the pedestrian traffic?

(sarc) said...

Most of these issues are local.

Most importantly it should go to enforcement.

The next level would be to go to the local useless City council member.

It is really not an Albany issue.

Hey everybody, after you read this, call 311 and then post your complaint number here.

Once there is enough documentation of the situation it can no longer be ignored.

There is only so much graft/contributions that can be expended to overlook this.

Just posting and bitching about useless politicians does remediate the problem...

Anonymous said...

How about CB7? Wait they are being investigated by the feds and have no time for all this nonsense.