Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grover Cleveland HS still struggling

From the Queens Courier:

Although Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood has seen improving graduation rates and student performance over the last few years, it remains vulnerable to a possible state takeover, educators said during a public hearing at the school Saturday.

Parents, students and teachers filled the Grover Cleveland auditorium on Saturday morning to talk about the performance of the struggling school and the possibility of the school’s receivership, while providing recommendations on how to improve the high school.

Earlier this year Grover Cleveland High School, along with 61 other New York City schools, was identified as struggling or persistently struggling by the New York State Education Department (DOE). If the school does not improve student performance and graduation rates, Grover Cleveland may fall into receivership, meaning that the school will be taken over by an outside entity and divided into several smaller schools.

At the public hearing, Grover Cleveland High School’s principal, Denise Vittor, acknowledged the school’s troubles, but pointed to recent improvements in graduation rates and attendance as signs of hope.

The four-year graduation rate for Grover Cleveland High School for June graduation was at 53 percent in the 2012-13 school year, and 51 percent in the 2013-14 school year. By the August graduation for those students who did not graduate in June, those numbers increased to 60.2 percent in 2012-13 and 58 percent in 2013-14.


Anonymous said...

Had. the misfortune of teaching at this s***hole for two years a while back. Was a disaster then as well.The Special Ed ( misnomered Instructional Support) program. was particularly egregious.That said, Queens Public High Schools are a malevolent joke and fraud.

Anonymous said...

Throw more money at it and give the teachers a raise. That fixes everything... doesn't it?

(sarc) said...

Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten got $543,150 last year.

The Teachers Union employees needs more money to help pay Randi.

According to data, New York spent $19,076 per student in the 2011 fiscal year, as compared to the national average of $10,560.

Money well spent!

This is just a dumbing down of our youth.
They come out of school unable to read nor write.
Prime candidates for our homeless system and a life of dependency.
Or as I like to call them "Democrat Voters".

And we need more H1B visas for the Chinese Pakistanis, and Indians to do the work our wonderful graduates cannot.

BUT don't worry the new Common Core standards will fix everything...

"Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch said Tuesday that the state is “toying with” a possible name change for a revamped Common Core"

Change the the name and it will fix EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder why these kids are such dumdums..... alfster

Anonymous said...

Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten got $543,150 last year

Man that's more money than what the President of the US gets a year!

Anonymous said...

Its not the school or the teachers. The problem is all these people being dumped in NY are to feral to be educated. To add the parents (emm single moms of 5+ parent) of these kids don't give a shit about them. They have these cash kids strictly to anchor down and get free $$ and stuff from the government

(sarc) said...

Hey anon

"anchor down and get free $$..."

Didn't you get the memo from the thought police?

The controversial term "anchor baby" is now racist, offensive, and derogatory...

Please use the politically correct term:

"children born of undocumented immigrants in the U.S."