Saturday, September 5, 2015

Melinda's concert doused by fireboat!

From Rockaway Times:

Last week’s concert at Tribute Park was a bit of a washout, but it wasn’t because of the weather. On a beautiful but breezy Thursday evening, dozens gathered for the Katz concert series event featuring Ddendyl, from Season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, but an accident lead to an early end.

...Ddendyl and her three-piece band started playing under the gazebo of the park. Ddendyl sang some of her original music off of her new EP Lonely Heart, and captivated the crowd with a bit of Johnny Cash, before singing God Bless America, as a fireboat arrived and was supposed to put on a display. The fireboat began to shoot up water after the song finished, which was a beautiful sight at sunset with the skyline in the background, but with the combination of the southeast wind, the tribute turned into an unintentional disaster.

The saltwater blew right into the park, causing people to pack up their chairs, cars along Beach Channel Drive to turn on their windshield wipers, and the band to pack up their soaked equipment, putting an early end to the event. Some stuck around to watch the stunning sunset, despite feeling a bit salty.


Anonymous said...

Who paid for that fire boat's performance?

LibertyBoyNYC said...

This was no boating accident!

Anonymous said...

They say that salt (in this case salt water) purifies corruption.
Maybe this is an omen for politics in Queens, that borough hall can be swept clean of the Donald Manes method of operation.
Anyway Katz got a good douche out of it, for the moment.

JQ said...

I really hate the goings on with our electeds wasting tax paying dollars on the insidious pursuit of making Rockaway some pseudo hipster resort art hotspot.

So the self-anointed queen of Queens and some dopes in the Fire Dept. thought that a fireboat would make a great dancing water background display,a pretty irresponsible and idiotic use of emergency resources. And isn't that park supposed to be a memorial, is a lame concert reaaly appropriate for that park?

Katz, for the good of the tax paying citizens of her borough and mankind in general, should really take her name off that goddamn concert series, what is she Don Kirshner?

Reap what you sow Queens Steamer, get the fuck out the rock! And you too Ddendyl, for being a tool for the sad state of music this century (what a stupid name, her parents must be stutterers).

Anonymous said...

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Anonymous said...

It's all about gettin' paid! No body worked for free out the goodness of their hearts. They all got paid, and in some cases time and half, so what do they care. Who paid them? Look the mirror

Anonymous said...

And Paul Vallone had his big July 4th fireworks show at Fort Totten.
Bread and circuses. That's what the Roman emperors gave their subjects.
A dumb, ignorant butt hole will always vote for somebody who gives them a show.
Both Katz and Vallone are owned by the same developers who are destroying the quality of life in your neighborhoods.
Go on....keep on electing crooks like these and thank them for their shows and concerts.

Anonymous said...

I was there and only saw a few people walk away for a few minutes until the mist let up. 5 minutes later the crowdreturned and the band played on. The news article is bogus.

Anonymous said...

Did you say that Melinda got douched by a fireboat?
Who....stay away!