Friday, September 4, 2015

City Council seeks slimmer kids

From IB Times:

A bill introduced in New York City that would implement nutritional requirements for kids' meals at fast-food restaurants has the potential to curb childhood obesity if passed, according to an NYU Langone Medical Center study. Under the "Happy Meals" bill, fast-food chains would be required to include a serving of fruit, vegetables or whole grain in any meal marketed to children using toys or promotional items.

The bill, which was proposed by New York City Council member Ben Kallos, also would limit the meals to 500 calories or less, with fewer than 35 percent of calories coming from fat, only as much as 10 percent from saturated fat, fewer than 10 percent from added sugars and no more than 600 milligrams of sodium.


(sarc) said...

Sounds like Michelle Obama's school lunch program where more than half is now wasted and in the trash.

What happened to freedom of choice?

Is mayor Mike somehow behind this?

When will this nanny state end???

We are from the government - and we are wise and all knowing..

Yea right...

Anonymous said...

Soon one will have be 21 and show a picture ID to eat at McDonalds.

an FBI informant said...

Then let all overweight council members diet to serve as an inspiration.
Fugghettaboutit! Their wallets are overstuffed with developers' bribes. Or if you insist...campaign contributions!

(sarc) said...

Anonymous #1

Yes you are right on.

But God forbid you need ID to VOTE!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Ben Kallos' doing. So much for a fresh face in the Council. More like the same stinky crap that needs to be flushed.

Joe Moretti said...

Again more wasted time and something that city council cannot really do anything about. This was already tried by obese Leroy Comrie, when he was council member. How about focusing on the NYC school lunches, something you might stand a chance with as opposed to focusing on McDonald's which pretty much can do what they want. And if someone really cares about their health, they would not even eat at a shit place like McDonald's. People do have the choice to not eat there or eat somewhere healthy.

And speaking of obesity, check this out from tub of lard Leroy Comrie:

Anonymous said...

Now that Leroy Comrie is off the City Council, we have a slimmer City Council, too.

Anonymous said...

This will do nothing because its the mothers of these kids that are the problem.
Go into any Walmart and on every checkout line you will find a immigrant single mom with obese kids in tow pushing a cart full of cheese balls, candy, soda and every other suger based junk-food you can imagine.
Its INSANE! All these kids are going to have serious health issues, no way can this country afford whats gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Liberals hate freedom.

I hate liberals.

Anonymous said...

This kind of diet causes diseases and winds up costing NYC money in medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Its not about Freedom or choice but more about protecting TAXPAYERS in the future

The problem is these new immigrants are in massive numbers, most too stupid and uneducated to understand what they are placing in their body's. Therefore they are not capable of making intelligent decisions any more then a 2 year old grabbing for that pretty blue stove-top flame. To them its just "cheap fill-up food" --to the Billion $$ corporations like Coke, McDonalds, Frito-Lay these immigrants are "new" big money mega CONSUMING CUSTOMERS with ZERO self control and education.

Taxpayers will foot the bill for these 40 million obese future 20+ year old diabetics with heart & liver disease. Thats 40+ million lifetimes of welfare disabled in need of medical on taxpayer support for life in 10-15 years!!!
Question: Why is it NYC immigrants can walk into Walmart buy mountains of soda, 7 gallon drums of Ice cream and cheese balls with these EBT cards in the first place ? Isn't that CRAP considered "candy" and not food ?

I wont even get into the mountains of french fries, ice cream, processed & fried chicken skin nuggets shit these kids are fed at McDonalds paid for with EBT cards. These kids eat this crap every day, this is going to be a total expensive disaster for the working middle class if not stopped.
Remember In NYC most junk food is still fair game for IGA cards including Red Bull, Sugary Soda, Candy, Mixers for alcoholic beverages and sweeteners. I kid you not !!!


Anonymous said...

On one hand, McDonalds meals are terribly unhealthy, and kids shouldn't be eating them regularly, but they are.

On the other hand, I really really hate the idea of the government telling restaurants what to serve. Listing calorie counts is one thing, that gives people more information. But this takes away people's choices.