Saturday, September 12, 2015

West Nile is pretty much everywhere this year

From DNA Info:

The number of New Yorkers with the potentially deadly West Nile virus has grown to 10, health officials confirmed Friday.

The city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene quietly updated its online tally of West Nile cases to list four cases in Brooklyn, four in Queens and two in Staten Island.

On Thursday, the chart showed only three cases citywide. A week ago, it listed just one.


Anonymous said...

West Nile has been pretty much everywhere for a long time, it just doesn't get press coverage because of the Caitlyn Jenner type of news americans love to read....

(sarc) said...

One million children die each year from malaria!

That is because of the DDT ban.

The environmentalists like it that way because they believe in population control.

The DDT science was, as always, exaggerated.
And the only issue was with a few sky rats, I mean birds.

If we were to be smart about it and used it in a conscientious way we could eliminate, not only our west Nile issue, but eradicate malaria, and save millions of lives each year.

Hey, cars pollute and kill and injure tens of thousands of people each year, let's ban each and every one of them.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

>10 cases in a city of 8 million

That's hardly something to freak out over.

Anonymous said...

I'm seventy four years old. I have been bitten by countless Mosquitos with no fatal effect so far.
There were so
few cases of what was then called "sleeping sickness" that were fatal that nobody ever sprayed.
Now we have this WestbNile hysteria which seems to be more about spraying contracts and money from them going into,some political pockets. So what else is new. I agree, only ten cases in a population of eight million. It all sounds like a big boondoggle.
Despite anybDEP assurances, which I do not believe, how safe is the insecticide they're using? Is it "Anvil" they're spraying?
I am sure that people with respiratory issues are put in danger with this stuff. And I think that proposes a larger danger to larger population of those who might be affected.