Friday, September 11, 2015

Your "duh" for the day

From DNA Info:

"I feel like things move a lot quicker in Manhattan than in Ridgewood, Queens, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn," said City Councilman Antonio Reynoso, whose district encompasses both of those neighborhoods. He has spent eight years working to get landmarks protections for parts of his district, he said.

"Is one to assume that there is less history in south Brooklyn?" said Councilman Mark Treyger, who was frustrated by the process of protecting parts of his turf.

And Harlem historian Michael Henry Adams railed against "all those affluent white neighborhoods that are protected while ours are not."


Anonymous said...

Well that's not new! Places in jamaica too are old as anything and they have only a lil bit of land marking done! And remember Jamaica was once a white neighborhood!

JQ said...

When was Jamaica entirely white, in the age of Gatsby?

Jerry Rotondi, longtime preservationist said...

You don't even have to read between the lines of the Landmarks Law to know that the law was set up to protect the tourist corridor of Mahattan. Next come the privileged politically connected neighborhoods.

As long as Mary Beth Betts is allowed to remain the gatekeeper of the LPC nothing will change. Everybody was waiting for Bloomberg to leave office, hoping that a new mayor would change things at the LPC. Result....different mayor....the same old shit!

I did not even bother to attend the city hall session, discussing Peter Koo's intro.
I had better things to do than risk an upset stomach.

Anonymous said...

So the usual suspects spoke their pieces at the hearing.
Will anything be done to improve Queens getting screwed?
Probably not, because Queens' politicians support the real estate industry , who in turn, support them with campaign contributions.
And borough hall is anti preservation. It has been since Manes.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to attend Avella's Saturday LPC demo at Bowne Park.
I live in Broadway and am thinking of passing on attending.
LPC....check out this week's Queens Chronicle....said that
Broadway is not historic enough to be worthy of landmark designation.
That's a reprise of what they said years ago.
So it ain't gonna happen!
Oh, the demo is good for Avella. But, sadly, nothing will come of it.
What is Paul Vallone doing behind the scenes?
Probably stabbing us in the backs like he did with Leonard Square "Koreatown Plaza".
and that new high school for Bayside.

Anonymous said...

Yep....Adams, Graziano, Berman, yadda, yadda, yadda.....yawn!
How old is Michael Adams by now?
The 50th anniversary of the landmarks law marks 50 years of Queens being butt fucked
without even the benefit of receiving a KY lube first!

Anonymous said...

WTF is Brooklyn complaining about? After Manhattan they get the next best service from LPC.
Try living in Queens, the builders' borough. We are #4 down the line when it comes to service and designations.

georgetheatheist said...

How come the Queens newsweeklies never take an editorial "stand" on landmarking?

Joe Moretti said...

Jamaica actually has the most landmarks in all of Queens (we have a shitload of garbage and other crap, but we do have these):

Addisleigh Park Historic District
First Reformed Church of Jamaica
Grace Episcopal Church and Graveyard
J. Kurtz and Sons Store Building (former)
Jamaica High School
Jamaica High School (Hillside Avenue, now Jamaica Learning Center)
Jamaica Savings Bank (Former)
Jamaica Savings Bank (Sutphin Boulevard)
King Mansion
La Casina (La Casino) (Jamaica Business Resource Center)
Loew's Valencia Theater (Former) (Tabernacle of Prayer for All People)
Queens General Court House, 88-11 Sutphin Blvd & 148th St
Register, The/Jamaica Arts Center
Sidewalk Clock, 161-11 Jamaica Avenue
King Mansion, First Floor Interior

I think there are a few more I am missing.

Anonymous said...

Michael Henry Adams: "all those affluent white neighborhoods that are protected while ours are not."

Really, and who built Harlem, blacks?