Friday, September 25, 2015

Hefty price tag for old factory

From the Queens Courier:

A development site across the street from what was once home to the graffiti mecca known as 5Pointz in Long Island City is up for sale.

The property, located at 45-57 Davis St., is going for $34 million and is located within M1-5, R7-3, and Long Island City zoning districts, according to Cushman & Wakefield who are in charge of selling the site.

The location holds approximately 108,000 square feet of buildable space on a 216 foot by 100 foot lot.


(sarc) said...

It would make a great site for another homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

A one story underutilized property located here is worth anything that anyone is willing to pay for it.
Take that same piece of shit and locate it in Times Square and it would be worth tenfold.
The owner bought low and is now selling high. That's how anyone makes a killing in any market.
What other nabe is awaiting development? Scoop up any cheap property located there then cash in later!
Hey, it's the American way. God bless capitalism. Even China is realizing that!
Scratch a Chinaman and you'll find a capitalist beneath the skin.