Monday, September 14, 2015

7 train extension finally opens

From WPIX:

The MTA opened the new 34th Street-Hudson Yards 7 station Sunday that introduces subway service to the West Side of midtown Manhattan

Normal service at the station started at 1 p.m.

The latest addition is New York City Transit’s 469th subway station.


georgetheatheist said...

#7 Night and Day: Main Street, Flushing, Queens vs. Hudson Yards, West Side, Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

A total waste of money spent on an extension that is not needed. the 7 line already sucks and is overcrowded with disgusting excuses for people. the line didn't need an extension. they should've taken the billions spent on this waste and used it to properly update the system seeing how they'll raise fares and cut service. the MTA are criminals; which i guess is why they fit in so well in this city.

Jerry Rotondi said...

But this is about supporting real estate expansion on the west side, not about improving transportation.
Once again , your tax dollars are at work, supporting already wealthy developers.

And what do we get but more sardines packed into an already overcrowded antiquated line?

Glad I have the option to take the LIRR at senior rate. The only time I use the #7 is off hours for a local destination.
It might cost me more, but the peaceful ride on the Port Washington line is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Great so now the illegals and third worlders lives become easier....what else is new?

Joe said...

"peaceful ride on the Port Washington line is priceless"

LOL--HAHAHA, this rider hasn't ridden the Port Washington Line before or after a Met game. Its actually worse with far more violence and intox then the infamous 1970's Led Zepplin & Black Sabbath concerts at the Garden.

Those drunk and obnoxious baseball fans will start fights with everybody, even attacked a conductor out in Manhasset. They stopped the train on the viaduct as a dozen or so Nassau county cops cars got ready Manhasset train station in under 3 minutes.
6 jailed, 1 went to prison despite despite his dad being a lawyer.(punched the conductor and a cop)
I was in the last car from Penn sta, I didn't know what was happening at the time we were locked in and just saw flashing lights.

Anonymous said...

How about a moratorium on development and immigration for 10 years.........

JQ said...

For now this is basically an amusement park ride/tourist tram to the goddamn small business slaughtering high line park, the only "green space" that got developed and cared for over neglected renovations of various local train stations and certain parks (I'm thinking of the local el stations on the 7 and Flushing meadows of course, but we all know there's more, since the real estimates of all renovations will be completed in precisely 50 years)

The comedic part was the passive aggression and feigned outrage displayed by these middle aged children who are running our city and the neglectful transit authority. Although Pendergrasst being a go-for for Mario's son is mostly wrong about the necessary funding, since the NTA is state controlled. Which if you think about it, Pataki as governor helped exacerbate the services woes and dilapidation, with his boroughs and favoritism for upstate funding.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Joe, I have used the line during a Mets game and had to deal with the bleacher creatures. I base my "priceless peaceful" ride on the general experience.
Compared to the #7 , bloated with humanity during rush hours, I'll take the Port line any day. Do you have any more grumbling to contribute?