Saturday, September 5, 2015

New tenant protection laws signed by de Blasio

From the Daily News:

Saying there’s no room in the city for “ruthless tactics,” Mayor de Blasio on Thursday signed into law a series of bills that will stop unscrupulous landlords from pressuring tenants to move out.

Under the new laws, it is illegal for a building owner to make a buyout offer for 180 days after a tenant declines the initial offer.

It will also be illegal for landlords to offer false information to persuade people to take the buyout, threaten a tenant, or call them at weird hours.

And one of the bills requires landlords to tell the tenants that they have the option of staying in the apartment if they want to.

The laws apply to all rental apartments in the city, but are aimed at the city’s dwindling stock of rent regulated units, which can only raise rents a set amount every year.


Anonymous said...

Dam shame, Landlords are loosing more and more rights every day.
Bad enough it takes over a year to get a bum tenant out in housing court. Triple that if a pregnant single mom is involved or anybody with kids registered in school. The dam judges refuse to put them on the street or shelters and ORDER YOU to loose to absorb rent losses PLUS keep the heat and electric on!!
Dem bleeding heart liberal scum are throwing New York and the American middle class straight down the toilet !!

Anonymous said...

But the NY Post still hates de Blasio.

Anonymous said...

If De Blahsio wants it it is too good to believe.
The landlords put him in office so this is a screw job under the surface.