Friday, September 4, 2015

Response received from CB2

08-31-15 CB 2 to JOR Response to Email Request by Queens Post

CB2 finally replied to John O'Reilly, and you can read the whole exchange and his response over at Sunnyside Post:


Anonymous said...

Debra Markell is a failed politician...a hand me down hack who is not to be trusted.
She worked the turf in nowhere...then tried mining for gold further west.
This plump, pontificating, I'll equipped to lead is leading you all down the road to perdition.
She is being well paid for it too.

Anonymous said...

A CB DM didn't have the right e-mail address?
Did the dog eat it along with Debbie's homework?
Debbie is sure doing someone, and it ain't Dallas. It is Sunnyside!

(sarc) said...

Maybe it was lost on Hillary's server?

Anonymous said...

Lets get out of the 2nd grade and stop making jokes about the girl in the 3rd row's weight.

What we have here will be an unmeasurable sucking of every capital budget in the borough - we are looking at 100,000 people and these pols are going about it, to use 2nd grade again, like guilty little boys that stole all the chalk while we are out on recess. Everyone knows what they are doing, who is doing it, and why its barely concealed from the clueless substitute teacher.

Everytime this issue gets raised you got to be after them like bees after a burglar. And indeed they are stealing your taxes, your community, and your city.

Anonymous said...

Bees after a burglar are a lot more effective than local police.
Ever get stung in the crotch by an angry bee who you stole some honey from? LOL!