Friday, September 11, 2015

Tiny Woodside lot on the market

From DNA Info:

An tiny triangular lot adjacent to Long Island Rail Road tracks has been listed at nearly $400,000, according to its broker.

A "for sale" sign was put inside the 45-by-20-foot vacant commercial lot at 57-01 39th Ave. last week.

Miguel Cabrera, who works with the agent Kathy Vasquez, says it's ideal for a commercial building up to three stories high.

The official listing price is $399,000, he said.


Anonymous said...

Teachers parking garage for new school

JQ said...

The city will get it's rubber stamp ready for another bar restaurant or faux speakeasy.

That price seems pretty cheap, was the soil tested for contaminants?

Hey it might already be furnished like any filthy lot in Jamaica.

georgetheatheist said...

Should be interesting to see what would be built on this lot. it's smaller than a piece of ravioli.

(sarc) said...

The price will be what the market will bear. Economics 101

Oh yea - they don't teach economics anymore.

Replaced with common core.

How's that Keynesian Obamanomics working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Well, that is what happens when the zoning allows it.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the "open by 2015" part (it's a city project). This is across the street from a new elementary school on 57-58 Streets needed to deal with the overcrowding of Woodside's PS 11 on 56th Street. It's interesting since there has been no building boom in Woodside in 40 years - only the occasional tear-down of a 1-2 family replaced with 6-12 family. What changed was the number of occupants per house/apartment and, of course, the illegal basement apartment.

This small lot would be ideal for a new coffee shop/candy store for people approaching from the north.

2012 Queens Chronicle article

Joe Moretti said...

Christ, just leave it fucking GREEN. Do we have to cement over every bit of green, tear every tree down. Pretty soon everything in NYC will look like a Mad Max movie.

Anonymous said...

That lot would make a great 3 level 1 family with roof top deck. There is a similiar lot on woodside ave. And 62 street.

Anonymous said...

Joe...Wake up, your dreaming again.

Anonymous said...

Queens is more likely to wind up looking like Blade Runner than Mad Max.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the commercial zoning rules all that well, but for residential I believe it's a non-buildable lot, meaning, all you could get out of it is a garage, and even then a curb cut may be too close to the corner. $400k is comically overpriced though.