Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why Jamaica Bay stinks

From DNA Info:

The putrid stench began wafting through open windows and on streets on Tuesday, according to civic activist Danny Ruscillo. It continued on Thursday.

Rockaway Park smelled like rotten eggs. And nobody knew why.

Some people blamed the wastewater treatment plant on Beach Channel Drive, which has been known for giving off a smell.

But this time the odor was emanating from a stinky algae bloom in a low-lying piece of marshland in Jamaica Bay, experts said.


Anonymous said...

Who were these so-called experts and who has paid them off?

Anonymous said...

Staten Island smells worse with all the garbage and skanky people living there.

Anonymous said...

Silly me, I thought it was the stench of corruption and the reason why the Rockaway Boardwalk is taking so very long to rebuild. Seven years... everybody gets their piece of the action. while the people of Rockaway are screwed.

or is it the stench of the Build it Back scam?

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats "Eau de Flooshing" wafting up from the Flushing Creek at low tide.