Thursday, October 11, 2007

Massive flooding hits Queens...again

"Behold the flooding I witnessed on my way home from work today. I was stuck on the bus in traffic for 20 minutes in Long Island City, and then when I arrived in Maspeth, there was a lake on Maurice Avenue! This is the 3rd time this has happened - first on July 18th, then August 8th, and today, October 11th, 2007.

As one resident reported:

"Nothing is as scary as a heavy rain in October!

Everybody is at their doors and windows, watching the rising water in the streets."

Videos & text from the Juniper Park Civic Association


georgetheatheist said...

Bring the checkered tablecloths, light the candles, bring out the madolins...Everybody sing:

"Vicin' O Mare
Faccimmo ammore
A core a core
Pe ce spassa
So marenare a tiro a rezza
Ma p'allegrazza stong a muri"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everybody's watchin the rain except a bunch of cowards who meet behind closed doors, locking out the public to form commitees and study the problem like bunch of bumbling beurecrats.

Don't hide in a conference room guys, you can study the problem IN MY FUCKING BASEMENT, ASSHOLES ! !

Anonymous said...

Yikes... all I can think of is that scene in Poltergeist with the rain in the pool and imagining Mt. Zion looking like that! ::shudder::

Anonymous said...

Water is , once again, seeking its own level......HIGH !

While our politicians sink to their usual level.....LOW !

Happy basement pumping Katz & Crowley !

Swim in the same shit
that you've been giving us all these years !

It ain't exactly Jasmine is it ? !!!

verdi said...

I hope the next time the CBs and DEP
hold one of their secret meetings..... it rains hard!

And I hope the location they choose
is below the water table!

Bring your inflatable rubber rafts folks!

I hope Jennifer Manley can do the back stroke!

Anonymous said...

Verdi said:
" ... I hope Jennifer Manley can do the back stroke!"

It's obvious that she can't do the breast stroke!

All the time these morons from DEP, CAU, and CB5 were playing catch-me-if-you-can, the rain was once again showing them up for the arrogant thugs that they are.

Hiding from the public doesn't work, Bloomberg! We're on to your elitist impudence.

The public wants responsible action to see that this never - ever - happens again.

The public doesn't benefit from your meetings. Those meetings and plans should have occurred years ago, and sewer maintenance and upgrading that we've paid for over and over again should have been part of the daily routine.

Bloomberg: What have you been doing with the money we've paid for proper flood control?

Bloomberg: Why are you giving sanctuary to millions of illegal aliens in this city, all of whom are burdening the water and sewer system at our expense?

Bloomberg: Why are you promoting overdevelopment in this city (to accommodate even more millions of illegal aliens) without the preparatory improvements and maintenance of the infrastructure?

Bloomberg: Aren't the $Billions made on the backs of ordinary employees you've harassed for years enough? You now want $more from NYC taxpayers so you can be like Scrooge McTurtle?

Anonymous said...

How the flooding is handled by your typical western Queens politician:

Its Con Ed's fault! Its Con Ed's fault....

or sorry....

They gave me the wrong page to read.

Anonymous said...

"The public wants responsible action to see that this never - ever - happens again."

If that's the standard you're going to hold the process to then you'll never, ever be satisfied.

That's because no matter what the city or DEP or the mayor or whomever does, there will always be a storm or flood that overwhelms the system and causes flooding. It may be possible to decrease the number of incidents, but it's impossible to rid the city of all flooding for the rest of time.

Government can't protect you from nature. And you wouldn't want the kind of sewer system that would be necessary to stop (almost) all flooding (there will always be extraordinary storms that just can't be contained). That kind of sewer system would cost tens of billions of dollars to build, billions per year in maintenance costs, decades in construction hassles and would take up so much space there wouldn't be room for anything else in the streets. And for what? To stop maybe one flood per year?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said:
" "The public wants responsible action to see that this never - ever - happens again."

If that's the standard you're going to hold the process to then you'll never, ever be satisfied."

So, Jennifer, the city cannot keep the lines clear? The city cannot perform regular maintenance? The city cannot control the inflow of illegal aliens? The city cannot control the rental of illegal basements and apartments? The city cannot control the massive overdevelopment and zoning violations? The city cannot control the builders who run concrete and paint and other debris into the catchbasins?

So, Jennifer, the city is helpless and devoid of responsible and imaginative action to prevent the flooding from ever occurring again?

So, Jennifer, are you speaking for DEP, CAU, CB5 or the Commissar when you assert that there is no will or competence to handle very ordinary problems that civil engineers have been handling since the Romans ruled?

Anonymous said...

Nicely put! Amen