Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Asbestos mess at Bell Park Gardens?

"Great job on your website. I thought you would appreciate this tidbit of information. Bell Park Gardens is an 800-family co-op located in Queens. An ongoing battle between the Board of Directors and the shareholders of this co-op has made the local papers, as mentioned below.

This looks like another case of Queens craptasticness.

Some information on this subject can be found here: Local 78.

More information can be found in the in the Queens Tribune... Vol.37, No.11, March 15-21, 2007. The Tribune article details the fight between shareholders and the Board of Directors involving the asbestos mess. After the Board of Directors refused a petition by the shareholders to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the asbestos, they hired a father and son contractor team (according to local 78) to do the work. I hope this is not another Parkway Village disaster!!!


Keep up the great work." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

Not so fast! Local 78 is notorious for raising hell and implying all kinds of horrible things (but not actually SAYING them - that way they can't be sued)when what they really want is their own astonishingly overpriced union workers to be given the job. They know the public doesn't understand asbestos abatement and can be counted on to panic over the mere word "asbestos." So the union exploits this fear, and IMPLIES danger even where there isn't any.
IT'S LEGAL EXTORTION and these characters have gotten away with it many times. Bell Park is their latest victim.

Queens Crapper said...

You are probably right, Liman, I checked the e-mail address this came from and this is what it says: marcus123456@mail.anonymizer.com

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Bell Park Gardens is a mesothelioma and asbestos nightmare! Keep up the good posts!

Anonymous said...

u think its better to higher a father son team? There is proof of sloppy job from team that bell park hired pictures of so called asbestos clean up. The coop board is either closing their eyes to it or protecting the manager

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, it IS GOING TO BE "a Parkway Village distaster..." This is because the Property manager of Bell Park Gardens happens to be the former Property Manager of Parkway Village. Anthony Deloroso is as poison as the asbestos. Seen and heard it first hand.

dancilhoney said...

Asbestos cancer is such an regrettable disease, and actually could well have been avoidable had we all known back then what we recognize now. It is also a pity that many persons get irritated regarding the mesothelioma commercials on tv, but those impacted have to be paid for fairly IMO.