Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to Flushing

Flushing residents are angry that nothing is being done to stop gamblers and others from trashing their neighbor- hood park every day.

Bland Playground Defiled By Garbage

Unfortunately, the park has fallen into disrepute because, according to residents, too many city departments are involved in maintaining it and the wrong people use it.

On Sunday, instead of seeing families and teenagers as might be expected, the park’s occupants were overwhelmingly adults. Newspapers were strewn under every bench and leftover food lay rotting on the ground near empty drink bottles and cans. A few children played, all accompanied by adults and closely supervised.

In addition to the gamblers and day workers who trash the park while waiting for their buses or for work, residents say that local restaurant owners often toss their garbage onto the sidewalk to avoid the cost of private garbage collectors.

And in other Flushing park news: Mr. Softee driver sold drugs at Bowne Park: Police

Photo from Queens Chronicle


georgetheatheist said...

Why do we pay the police? What does the patrol car do when it passes by this park? AND why hasn't D.A. Brown shut down the Flushing whore houses yet? D.A. Brown, read the ads in the Queens Tribune. It's a ROSTER of houses of ill-repute. Bing-bang-boom, an undercover operation and bingo! a message is sent to the unsociable vermin that infest this area. Why are we paying taxes for this miasma of filth?

Anonymous said...

ladies of the night also spread vd and aids which the city is supposedly trying to combat.

Anonymous said...

Could it just be that these congregating
"migrant" workers (illegal aliens)
and all the Chinese/Taiwanese immigrant/"benefactors"
are actually ruining the area instead of improving it?

No.....can that really be ? Tsk....tsk....tsk !

The Bland playground has merely become
part of the new "successful, vibrant, bustling"
Flushing....."a destination of choice"......
eh.....Ms. Herce !

Anonymous said...

Welcome to NYC....the sanctuary city....
where the clubhouse eagerly imports their votes !

Let's all salute this new "mosaic".

Anonymous said...

Typical Queens.

Run down, full of the tweeded.

And no one complaining.

Anonymous said...

I can eye witness this park, i pass it twice a day to go to pops coffee shop on kissena, ( its the only place i can still buy an american breakfast or lunch...ham sandwich or dinner!) anyway the city did a fix up it and i hoped it would be done so that only kids can use it and in a way to avoid the garbage, but no. it was a quick cheep job, and soon after the parks outside was filled with adults abusing it again, gambling garbage , smoking and really is nothing but a filthy blight to the nabe, and a waste UNUSABLE resource!

Anonymous said...

Bland Park- the name says it all!

Anonymous said...

What is really sad is the fact that the Department of Sanitation has a Community Services office right across the street from this park.

Anonymous said...


This park is in your district. Mr. Henton is one of your supporters.


Anonymous said...

"stinky street" How appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Vibrant -

"a run-down dirty noisy street full of the tweeded"

Anonymous said...

one of the posters on this site is excellent at composing satyrical songs. I suggest they do one about "Stinky Street," grafting the phrase into the Seasame Street song, e.g. "Eveything is a okay, can you tell me how to get to Stinky Street..." (Oscar the Grouch who lives in a garbage can might play a prominent role.)

Anonymous said...

Johnny Liu's only interest in the Bland Houses
occurred only once when he offered
free Chinese lessons there.....remember ?

verdi said...

Ken....I love the "Stinky Street" idea.....
for the whole of downtown Flushing.

You're a genius.

Perhaps QPTV could do a show.....
incorporating the theme song!

We should all get working on the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

here's the original lyrics, of the tune, if anyone wants to start the wrecking-ball rolling.

Sunny Day - theme

Sunny day - Sweepin’ the clouds away,
On my way to where the air is sweet.
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.

Come and play, everything’s A-OK
Friendly neighbors there that’s where we meet
Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street

It’s a magic carpet ride. Every door will open wide.
Happy people like you. Happy people who.

Like a beautiful sunny day sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame street, how to get to Sesame Street, How to get to . . .