Saturday, October 20, 2007

Intensive work leads to intensive care

Construction booms in every corner of the city, in the sky and below the ground: new stadiums, subways, Manhattan apartments, Brooklyn waterfront condominiums, water filtration projects.

Construction Booms, and Gonzalo Takes a Fall

For a small job on the side of a town house, the labor pool consists of those who will do just about anything for a day’s pay, like standing on a crumbling ledge 265 feet above the Henry Hudson Parkway. The boss can plausibly say he does not know the name of a man who works for him. Yet almost everything else Mr. Anwar said about the accident turned out to be untrue. There was no safety harness, rescue workers said. Mr. Sanchez did fall. He wasn’t O.K. It was a big deal.

Photo from NY Times

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Anonymous said...

Oh so what, he was just a day laborer. Illegals are cheap and disposable.