Monday, October 15, 2007

Subprime mortgage map of the boroughs

Behold the tweeding of the outer boroughs:

Subprime Mortgages in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut


Anonymous said...

The 1929 stock market crash which led to the
"Great Depression" hit in October......
that's right.....this very month !

Yesterday ....still in twiglight consciousness.....
either before I finished my morning coffee
or I had drifted off to sleep......
I was listening to a prominent financial expert
on the public broadcasting airwaves.

He stated that there are conditions that exist today
in the financial market..... which are very similar
to those preceding the 1929 crash.

Only weeks....maybe days before that black day.....
president Herbert Hoover ASSURED all
that the economy WAS SOUND !

Sound familiar ? !!!

Anonymous said...

There is a general lack of government supervision.
The SEC has loosened the reins.....witness
the ENRON debacle etc.

This sub prime thing
is going to have vast repercussions internationally.

And locally....a lot of people in Queens
could soon see themselves run out of their homes !

Part of the fault lies with each home owner.
Not everyone has the earning power to live
high on the lenders would have them believe.

I heard that some of Yale University's endowments
are being invested in more volatile
(not so blue chip) financial products.

Everybody seems to be gambling with their future.