Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some good news from Midville

Despite the presence of a plywood fence of doom around it, the Furmanville Farmhouse appears to just be under renovation and not being prepared for replacement with a crap pile.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is just for renovation. Usually that's what they say and next thing you know Queens Crap at its best.

Let's pray you are right. I love that house!

verdi said...

I'm holding my breath !

Anonymous said...

Can someone preferrably from Middle Village or a neighboring vincinity, PLEEEAASE recommend it for landmarking through the Community Board & Landmarks Preservation Commission?

How accurate is it by stating that it's under renovation? It is usually a strategy to get those who care about the community, out of one's sight!

Anonymous said...

The house should be moved (like the Kingsland Homestead house) if worse comes to worse. Any thoughts? I'd frown upon seeing the mature trees go.