Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Charges against SJU gunman dropped

Student Found Incompetent For Gun Trial
Special to the Sun
October 30, 2007

The St. John's University freshman who brought a rifle to campus last month was ordered to enter a psychiatric facility yesterday, the Queens District Attorney's Office said.

Omesh Hiraman, 22, was found incompetent to stand trial by Judge Joseph Zayas following a psychiatric report released at Queens Criminal Court. It was determined that Mr. Hiraman would not be capable of understanding the case against him, the district attorney's office said. The court turned Mr. Hiraman over to the New York State Commissioner of Mental Health for a 90-day mental evaluation, the office said.

Since Mr. Hiraman was found mentally incapable to stand trial, the charges against him have been dropped, the office said.


Anonymous said...

would be a good topic for that "Stupid NYC" blog.

KG2V said...

One thing the MSM never brings up on this one - the reason the guy only had one bullet? It was a MUZZLELOADER - you know, like the way they did it in the real old days. YES, it was a modern version (from the photos a Knight in-line), but

Anonymous said...

---Too many unchecked nuts entering this country.
The 911 terrorists learned to fly planes here

United States Bordello ! as my grandfather would say


Anonymous said...

How could they find him incompetent to stand trial when he competently researched, and then purchased, a weapon?