Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cavalcade of crap, part 1

Here is some Flushing crap gathered from real estate listings:

First in a 4-part series.


Anonymous said...

These are designed to be marketed
strictly to Asians
who have turned Flushing into a toilet.....
a far cry from "saving" it........
eh Ms. Herce & Co. ? !!!

Anonymous said...

There are, we're told,
approximately 4 illegal Asian hotels
operating within the proximity
of the pictured (Asian built) Mc Mansion
with the 3 gables!

What is DOB doing about it?
Currently nothing!

Note the Asian realtor's sign.

Occidentals, perhaps,
"need not apply"?

A sign of reverse discrimination ?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there are 2 different sale price levels
for Asian owned real estate......
one for Asians.....another for non Asians.

I've also heard tell of 2 different pricing systems
in some Asian retail stores.....
one for "them" (with no sales tax)
and another for "all others" (with sales tax) .

H-m-m-m-m ?

Anonymous said...

the second photo could be a design of John W. Chen. I'm sure if his architecture school saw such hideous designs, they would have given him an F!

Anonymous said...

You people here are so racist.

Queens Crapper said...

"You people" is actually a racist term.

Anonymous said...

You can beat on the Asians all you want, but in the time it takes you to post these idiotic remarks, many of them make enough money to buy your house.

Anonymous said...

that first one's not so bad. the thing on the roof is weird but not particularly offensive. the other ones speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Who's "beating up on Asians"?

We're just posting the truth.....
something that can't be stifled
like the publishers of our weekly press
often does!

Anonymous said...

It looks like some of our Asian blog watchers
are sure as hell embarrassed
at what their fellow Asians
have littered the landscape with.

That's why they're so quick
to pull the "racist" card as usual....
to divert attention
from the real existing situation.

These pictured examples
don't exactly represent a manifestation
of high Asian culture, art or architecture.

They're pure low class, overpriced crap!

Anonymous said...

Oh .....I don't know....
that old story of.....
"Asians with shopping bags full of cash"
waiting to gobble up your home
has pretty much proven to be a myth.

Want to test it out ?

The next time somebody offers cash
for your house.....
tell them you want to close on the sale in 3 days.

If they refuse....they're lying!

They're shopping for a mortgage!

Anonymous said...

do you notice how often Asians
defend the creation of ghettos
(exclusively for their own race)
by calling their critics"racist" ?

A cheap shot at .....what do they call "Whites....
isn't it the "ghost people" ?

We won't even bring up what the call "Blacks".

But, I guess it's OK for Asians to practice
reverse discrimination.....
so long as they continue to contribute heavily
to local political campaigns!

Eh......Congressman Ackerman ?

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap - are you trying to defend these ignorant anti-Asian comments? If I were you I would be embarrassed by them.

Queens Crapper said...

Just pointing out the hypocrisy in calling someone a racist anonymously and using a racist term to do so. I am not defending anyone's comments, just making an observation. You can draw your own conclusions about what others post.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know John Liu has his "flak watchers"
up early in the morning to post their dribble!

Are they on us taxpayers' tab.....
or are these one of your "community volunteers" ?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to my old Daily News buddy Ching Chow?

Anonymous said...

He, or she, is the earliest employee
to arrive at Liu's district office in the morning.

In addition to their various duties
such as putting up the coffee....
(sorry...we cant offer tea as an alternative beverage...
lest this be misconstrued as an anti Asian slur)
they warm up the old serial numbered
city council property PC
then read the morning "Queens Crap" posts!

I wonder if that devoted employee
is going to be recommended for district leader
for their dutiful counter posts?

Anonymous said...

Maybe "he or she"
is that Stavisky stooge that works for Liu....
so they can keep an eye
on the clubhouse's favorite sock puppet !

Anonymous said...

"The next time somebody offers cash
for your house.....
tell them you want to close on the sale in 3 days.

If they refuse....they're lying!"

IT WORKS!!!! I had one of those brokers try that approach on me when I was selling my mother's house in Flushing some 15 years ago. This broker from a Main Street real estate office was hounding me, night and day and all hours of the night to take his offer because it would be an "all cash deal". I reported this guy to Julia Harrison's office and I was given the same advice about quick closing. I told him I'd take his offer and that "time was of the essence" and we would close within a week. He declined. The guy never bothered me again and I sold the house for $25,000 more.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Queens Crap cares to point out perceived hypocrisy, but chooses to stay silent regarding anti-Asian bigotry and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Uggh, the sideways sliding windows is a dead giveaway for a poorly made home using cheap materials.
These quickbuilds are popping up all over the place and regardless of the area, they always try to charge astronomical rents. i guess if you build it, they will come

Anonymous said...

I dont think the crap piles are being built by just Asians. Queens is essentially an immigrant borough as it has been for generations. The crap is being built by foreigners from many different parts of the world.
They are not being being built by white and black Americans who have been here for generations. They are being built primarily by Asians and Indians, but not exclusively.
For example, do you think Asians are building these "Italian style villas" with dreadful stucco that you see popping up all over Malba and other areas. Of course not. There is nothing racist about pointing all of this out. It is a fact of life. I dont like how some people here will make fun, thats not appropriate. As for you Crapper, you are in no position to point out anyone's hypocrisy, as I have taken you to task on yours many times.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes who can forget your rather presumptive "it's all your fault for voting for Bloomberg" argument. We all know voting for a developer is much worse than voting for someone whose primary source of campaign cash is developers. Or the "Maspeth should be ashamed of itself for voting for Gallagher" when we got him through redistricting. Yes, you are a genius at pointing out hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

We're talking about depicted in these photos.

It's the Asians that are building
this low class peasant crap here !

If it were Malba
it would be wanna be Don Cheecho Italians
building the ugly Mc Mansions!

Anonymous said...

And what kind of "businesses" do "they" run
in order to be able to afford million dollar + homes....Mr. or Ms. "apple pie & fries" ?

Is it whore houses, bed and breakfast inns
in residential neighborhoods, pseudo "churches"
massage parlors or nefarious "import/export"
companies (you know....maybe the kind
that deal in human commodities) ?

Or do "they" simply skim off "the take"
from illegal gambling dens....
like the big one that was "busted" last year
(in Flushing) which had ties
all along the eastern seaboard ?'ve got a mouthful of BS.
Watch that it doesn't drip onto your shirt!

Anonymous said...

"Apple pie & fries" is most probably a Liu plant.

Look at the syntax of the sentence....
".....many of them make enough money
to buy your house".
(Doesn't that sound like Chinese English)?

A more proper use of the English language
might be......
"......many of them ARE MAKING enough money
to BE ABLE TO AFFORD to buy your house" .

A subtle difference, perhaps, but quite revealing.

And it's "beat up on"....not "beat on".

Anonymous said...

"beat on" or "beat up on".....
what's the difference?

I think "apple pie and fries'
should go back to "beating off" !

This ain't their game.

Anonymous said...

Is it whore houses, bed and breakfast inns
in residential neighborhoods, pseudo "churches"...

What a buch of racist statements. Outrageous. You have chosen the worst possible stereotypes to describe Asian people. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. It doesnt surprise me that youve done it anonymously as your a coward.
Plain and simple. As for you, Crapper, Ive already exposed your
lack of personal responsibility for your poor choices, you dont need to be embarassed any further. The fact that you would tolerate such hateful speech on a blog that you own and operate really doesnt surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

"You have chosen the worst possible stereotypes to describe Asian people."

These illegal activities are happening right in our neighborhoods, right in houses next door. If you want to live in denial, much like Mr. Liu, then be our guest.

Anonymous said...

Gee this EAMLLC guy expects Crappy to shut down people who make controversial statements, kind of like acting like the government. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Ha. EamLLC talks about being anonymous, yet when you click on his name there is no profile. Talk about hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Even a Chinese man once confided in me
about the existence of "whore houses"in Flushing
(as of 1993 there were about 40 operating
in and around the 109th Pct. area).

He said it's the "Asian way".......
and part of "their culture".

So I guess we're supposed to look the other way
and pander to our law breaking "saviors".

I'd like to run some illegal business out of my home
to offset my ever increasing outlay for living expenses.

But I guess I'm a member of the "wrong culture"
and don't contribute enough campaign money
to the clubhouse.

Hey.....I'd be willing have my girls (or boys)
give a bunch of freebies to any politico
who's willing to let me off the hook with the law
in regard to my proposed enterprise.

Anonymous said...

nevertheless, these statements happen to be fact.

If you feel they're the "worst possible" examples.....
then you should have a talk with your Asian friends
about improving their image and to shun
their persistence in law breaking.

You might ask them to close up the "cat house" on
(???) sorry I can't divulge the exact location.....
I think there's a police stake out in progress there.
(It is about two blocks away from me).

Anonymous said...

It's "buch" instead of bunch....
"as your" instead of as you're....
and "Ive already"....instead of I've already.

In the future,
you should really proof read your comments
before you post them "eamallc".

Anonymous said...

What do you expect ?

"eamallc" is so angry and embarrassed
when confronted with these simple truths,
that he (or she) goes off half cocked .....
writing before thinking.

His (excuse me....or her) writing style
also sounds to me like.....
as someone else had previously said....
Chinese English....maybe ?

Anonymous said...

Anonynous, Anonymous and more Anonymous. Its so sad that your afraid to reveal yourselves. The behavior on this blog is shameful. Absolutely shameful. Stop defending the indefensible.

Contributing to this blog should be a priviledge, not your right to speak abusively about whole groups of people. Your judging an entire group by the actions of a few.
What is wrong with you people? Are you deranged or what? This is not the first time racist and bigoted comments have been made here and Im sure it wont be the last.

To suggest that Asian people who can afford million dollar homes in Queens are all criminals, is not only misinformed and irresponsible but incredibly ignorant.There are many fine Asian people who work hard, take care of their families and take very large mortgages to purchase these homes. I agree that many of these homes look like piles of crap, but that doesnt give me or you the right to bash Asians. There is nothing half cocked about what Im saying. Someone mentioned "chinese english", again the racist comments continue. I happen to be white, male and 38 years old and had a few typos.

If the crapper feels that such comments deserve to be heard, makes her blog interesting to read and makes a contribution, well, its very sad. Her blog, in essence, has become a Jerry Springer side show attraction. I came here to speak intelligently about the issues, not to read hateful racist rhetoric. Im offended and Crapper you should be too. Now were done.

Anonymous said...

Crapper shouldn't have to censor the comments, but he shouldn't defend them either. Actually, I think showing the comments illustrates the multitude of ignorance that are the main supporters of this blog.

Queens Crapper said...

First of all, the Crapper is not a female, thank you very much. Didn't see the NY1 report earlier this year or read Curbed in August, I suppose. Contributing to this blog is not neither a privilege nor a right. 99% of the people who visit here don't read the comments or post one themselves. And if you don't like what you perceived to be racist comments on blogs, then take up your case with Curbed, Gothamist, etc, because there are inflammatory comments on those sites as well. Whoop-dee-doo.