Friday, October 19, 2007

Hundreds of hipsters tossed out on street

Hundreds of Queens residents were left homeless Thursday evening after the city deemed their building an illegal residence and evicted them.

Hundreds Of Queens Residents Evicted From Unsafe Building

The Department of Buildings issued a vacate order for the second and third floors of 17-17 Troutman Street in Ridgewood.

Inspectors determined the structure had been illegally converted from a manufacturing building, and that construction, plumbing and electrical work was done without permits. Officials say the building poses serious safety and fire hazards.

More than 100 residents evicted from Ridgewood building

The building's lofts, which have 25-foot ceilings, wall-to-wall windows and sweeping views of Manhattan, go for between $1,200 and $3,500 a month.

Tenants - mostly artists and young professionals - said someone tried to sabotage the evictions by slipping notes under the door urging that residents be out of the building or pretend to be out when the authorities arrived.

City Evicts Residents of Illegal Lofts in Queens

Buildings officials said there were 62 lofts, while the city’s Office of Emergency Management said there were 70. The discrepancy may have reflected how the space was subdivided, officials said.

Update: Forced to Vacate, Tenants Seek Housing, and Answers


Anonymous said...

One of how many illegally converted loft buildings in brooklyn and queens? All occupied by hipsters and owned by the hasidic landlord mafia that seems to have carte blanche to break every building code in the book.

Part of me is laughing at the hipsters. Part of me is incensed by the seeming invulnerability that the hasidic real estate lobby seems to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they are part of the gorgeous mo$aic of the tweeded.

Anonymous said...

Was it right to have each of the doors broken down to tell the "hipsters" to leave? What happened to knocking? Are there any rights for the "hipsters"?

Is it the fault of the "hipsters" the landlord was dishonest and out for the money that now these people are homeless? I guess the landlord didn't pay-off the building inspectors enough....

Who wants to make a guess that when all the "hipsters" are gone the building is transformed into "LUXERY CONDOS" and becomes THE address? Now the rent is $5,000 plus in this once condemned building?

Anonymous said...

TO David, the landlord: your "hipsters" trusted you NOW WHAT?

YOUR SAFE, DRY AND WARM in your apartment - with doors broken down at 17-17 Troutmans are the "hipsters" things safe from being stolen?

But, what do you care after all it's all about the money; isn't?

Anonymous said...

Good bye, illegal tenants.

Now DOB, do the rest of your job and evict all the illegal tenants throughout queens. That includes the compound illegals: illegal aliens who are illegal tenants.

See what their departure does for the sewer systems. As well as schools, parking, sanitation, noise, crime, fire, police, employment for teenagers, and general quality-of-life.

Does anybody disagree: Illegals are illegal? Get rid of illegals! Why is that not obvious to the Commissar?

georgetheatheist said...

That's right, evict the ultra-left leaning hipsters who, if they do vote, do not vote for the Democratic machine candidate* but vote, Socialist, Trotskyite, Working Families, etc. But evict potential Democratic machine voters such as the illegal aliens? No way, Jose.

(*when machine hack Assemblyman (D. Astoria) and Judge Anthony Gazzara was in office, the "hipsters" over in the PS 1 area defaced his run-of-the-mill campaign poster with also sorts of artistic "license". Hipsters voting for the crew of Crowley & Co.? You gotta be kidding.)

Anonymous said...

if they were really struggling artists and not just latte sipping, poser wannabees my heart goes out to them.

Anonymous said...

These people are not "latte sipping, poser wannabees", no trust funds.... they are just tying to make it as artist or going to school or going to their jobs. They respect their community and make no trouble to the neighbors who live around them.

The landlord is at fault here for not making his building safe for his tenants. And, for creating a false sense of security that the building is up to code. It's not the responsibly of the people who live there to deal with the DOB.

These people have just become homeless. Some have no idea where their pets are. Their belongings are not safe from thieves who may break in to the building. Or the DOB thugs who are entering the apartments and perhaps helping themselves to a laptop, TV, bank account records, mastercard numbers, ss#'s, etc. What about that; is that okay with all of you who think these people deserve this treatment? How would you like to have your identity stolen?

How would any of you like your door busted down, told to get out of your house, your pets taken from you - they are scared and who knows if you'll ever see them again. And, maybe when you’re allowed back into your place your possessions have been stolen.

These people are scared. WOULDN’T YOU BE SCARED? They don't know what their next moves should be. I know I wouldn't. How many of you would?

No, it’s not the people who live at 17-17 Troutman who are at fault here; blame the landlord for him not doing the right thing to begin with.


Anonymous said...


Criminal 3rd world squatters, Eurotrash, Etc.
Throw them all TF outta this country or ship them to Jersey !!!
JAIL the building owners with $500,000 bail for attempted mass murder

Have no doubt after the elections thing's will return to the same crap.

-Joe (former Ridgewood)

Anonymous said...

Ken, Artists and musicians dont live like that they dont want there equipment stolen.
We all know what that building really was

Anonymous said...

Just WAIT till my next post of what people did to my Grampas old house in Ridgewwod next time I get there

Its so bad this is gonna be a Queens crap exclusive !!
If anybody lives in the area snap 1060 Seneca Ave !!
(Between Norman and Summerfield)

One of the original brownstones....PS have a barf bag on hand. "They" demo'd the brownstone "stoop" and put a blond brick sh*t Chinese wall around landmarked row house nobody said sh*t !!!

Anonymous said...

The people who live at 17-17 Troutman are NOT Criminal 3rd world squatters, Euro trash, Etc. You have no idea who they are. Some of you have assumed that the people who live in this community do not contribute to the community and are low class. The people who live/lived in this community come from all parts of the country - mid-west, Maine, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan.... They are educated, normal, responsible citizens who after getting their college degree come here, New York, just trying to realize their dreams.... We all have dreams. Isn’t that why people move to NY to “realize their dreams”?

These now displaced residents of 17-17 Troutman Street aren't breaking into cars or homes. They have made a difference in this little community. Little business like a coffee shop on Star & Wyckoff and a nice little restaurant on the corner of Troutman & Wyckoff have sprouted up because these so called "Criminal 3rd world squatters" have moved in. Let’s not forget places like the Taco factory down the street, grocery stores, convenient stores and the Laundromat/dry cleaner just to name a few, that surround this building have ALL benefited from the “Criminal 3rd world squatters” who spend their money at these places. I’m sure the owners of these businesses have noticed an increase in business and have benefited from having these “Criminal 3rd world squatters” living in their neighborhood. It’s been a win/win for all who live in this community.

And, Joe, whom ever changed the looks of your Grandpa’s old house aren't these people. The people who live in this building would have restored it, planted flowers, improved the looks NOT defaced it with a wall around it.

Oh yes, these people who live at 17-17 Troutman ARE BAD CITIZENS…THEY SHOULD ALL BE DEPORTED TO NEW JERSEY.

Queens Crapper said...

Crappy will go on the record and say that the owner is 100% responsible. DOB is no help, however, as they have now said that they will allow the owner to make some changes to the building and continue to rent it out for residential purposes in violation of the zoning code.

Anonymous said...

henceforth let Jerry's "St Saviour's" cartoon serve as a standard of measure when accessing whether somebody is truly an artist or just a hipster posing as one.

ps but whatever the people in this trout house were or weren't it's a real shame what happened to them due to their cheapskate landlord. The surrounding community (and the stores they patronized) should start up an immediate collection. Hopefully the city will become involved too.

Lives are at stake!

Anonymous said...

DOB knew there were apartments there since at least August 30.
So, why did they not give these people notice?

Last Inspection: 08/30/2007 - - BY BADGE # 1803 CHUEBON STEPHEN EXECUTIVE
Disposition Entered By: SDV 09/12/2007 14:01:18
DOB Violation #: 083007CSTFSC01 - 07
ECB Violation #s: 34593230N 34593231P

Anonymous said...

I do feel bad for those displaced people, but let's be real. People do not come to NY to "realize their dreams" anymore. They come to make money. More money than they ever would in Michigan, Miane, Ohio, wherever. They get out of school, come here, get the "NYC" on their resumes and then move on. I know all about them because I live in LIC. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I'll go on the record to say I'm more or less a third world squatter. I'm a poor lower class person from the city that figured I could build my own house and save money because when you can't afford housing in New York and you have no home back in Ohio to run to there aren't many options. Not all of us are middle/upper class college educated artists trying to believe our dream. Some of us are normal working class people that are on the fucking streets now with no money and no hope. Let's see how that one pans out, I'm still in that neighborhood, I just haven't showered in seven days and am starting to feel a little desperate and crazy. Way to be City of New York!

p.s. Anyone feel free to come to my building that I am unloading my entire life out of to sell so i can eat and cast stones at me because I'm a "hipster". I'll be the smelly one who looks like he will stab your pathetic yuppy ass. Or even better just blog about it.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone feel free to come to my building that I am unloading my entire life out of to sell so i can eat and cast stones at me because I'm a "hipster". I'll be the smelly one who looks like he will stab your pathetic yuppy ass. Or even better just blog about it."

But apparently you have a laptop and internet capacity, so you must have something stashed away.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I saw models and actresses being interviewed on TV. Didn't see any bricklayers or ironworkers...

Anonymous said...

One thing I have learned from all of this is that many people have something against artists. Here is my response "Go to hell - you are ignorant".

Soror Lykathea said...

Why would one pay $3,500 a month to live in Ridgewood? I don't get it. I paid $800 for a 2BR when I lived around there.

Queens Crapper said...

Well, when you're living 5 to a loft, it makes economic sense.

Anonymous said...

Well at least these "hipsters" use the old warehouses. Getting them kicked out will probably make those fugly brick new developments, one of which is being built down my block in Elmhurst, 2 finished around the corner, two down the street at Queens Boulevard.

Keep living in these warehouses & at least pressure for safety.

Also illegal immigrants. 50% of all people came here are illegal immigrants so shut up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the issue is that landlords are playing games with the city, but the city should not evict people who 1) not aware or should not be aware of building code violations that existed prior to places that are rented as partments. It is not a secret that it is often not dislosed to renters until it’s time to sign the lease, and a landlord gives a “business space” lease agreement, not a renatl agreement when people are already moved in, and there is no way they can argue with that, because initial understanding was that the place is legal. It is NOT the same illegal apartment as some landlords rent basements out - the issue with the city that is not flexible enough to re-zone areas that de-facto became mixed use. I live in a similar situation, and the building actually looks like an apoartment building, and the only problem is that until the city re-zones my block, it is a cat and mouth game between landlords and the DOB. THERE MUST BE A WAY TO FIGHT THIS. We should get an attorneys on our side. The moral issue is that buildings were purchased as manufacturing with certain tax breaks, etc.- so landlords are at fault, and instead of evictions, the city should fine them, not put people out.