Friday, October 19, 2007

Hole in the yard

The gaping, five-foot fissure in Joan Reuben’s Flushing backyard looks like something dug by a crew setting a scene for an earthquake movie.

Her retaining wall has cracked and collapsed and the city has deemed her garage unsafe.

Alleged Illegal Construction Decried By Flushing Woman

But instead of having a Hollywood director to blame, Reuben is pointing her finger at her neighbors, who she accuses of undertaking illegal work on their house, and the Department of Buildings for not enforcing its own laws.

“With the cover of the mayor’s pro-development stance, New York City is the Wild West for construction,” said Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) at Reuben’s home at 33-34 166th St. last week. “Anything goes, and no one enforces the law.”

Work at site imperils lot next door

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

like most politicians this Avella character is probably just putting on a show for now to gain a base of support in hopes of getting himself elected, mayor or whatnot, in the near future. Nonetheless, one can't help being impressed by the staunch and rather courageous anti-development stance he's been taking. Perhaps he's really on the level and would actually do something to fight the stucco scourge if elected? So most likely I'll be voting for him if he runs.

Carol said...

Who was the developer?

Anonymous said...

That chasm looks like an open grave
complete with flowers.

maybe the owners of the offending project
should be pushed into it ......what do you ?

Anonymous said...

An stately 80 year old American Beech tree
was cut down just before the excavation was started.

The root systems of an English Oak
and another American Beech tree to the left and right
of this project (on the two flanking adjacent properties)
might also be in danger.....
causing them both to die in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Well, Tony, how about the city council, newspapers and city wide preservation community all fessing up to their roles in creating this mess?

Anonymous said...

"The DOB did not return calls for comment."

This impudent mayor and his appointees do not answer to us.

The Commissar's motto: Screw the taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

staunch and rather courageous anti-development stance he's been taking.


Sure, after voting in favor of the Suna project, the biggest private developement in the boro.

But that is is western Queens, so that is ok?

Maybe some explainin to do ... and no, the folks in western Queens are not a bunch of yo's who don't know better.

Anonymous said...

Tony is such a hypocritical media whore, bitchin' about DOB then crying when he gets a violation. Slamming developers, but taking substantial money from them and lobbyists. Just see his contributors:

His belly aching about developers is nothing but a ploy to shake money down from them or facing his "wrath."

Anonymous said...

tried going to the link. "Page couldn't be found."

Anonymous said...

If I was a politician, I would take all the money I could from developers and build up a nice war chest. Then I would turn around and screw them by voting against everything they ask me to vote in favor of.

Queens Crapper said...

His campaign contributions from developers are nothing compared to those of Melinda Katz.

Anonymous said...

Ken....your making an ass of yourself!

I live 3 houses down from that site.
You don't know what's been going on there
or how involved and hard working
that Avella really is.....
within his district and elsewhere....I might add!

You're just jealous because you've probably
got an asshole councilman representing you.

Go chew on your marbles
and give your brain a good steam cleaning !

Anonymous said...

uhh, hello, I think you need to re-read my comment again, which was wasn't critical but merely skeptical. And if you need to vent frustration try confronting the people directly responsible for "what's been going on" in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

I have.... "Ken"..... read many of your numerous
posted comments....between the lines as well.

I'm not a political virgin....and am also skeptical about any politician....including Avella.

But, who the hell are you to tell me what I know about or have accomplished on my own block ?

What section of Queens do you hail from
to pass judgment on my turf?

I rarely "vent".....I invent......
effective ways to deal with problems.

Now let's both get back to work

Anonymous said...

As of about 10:30 AM this morning .....
the sheriff and the DOB was at this site.

Publicity works.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff and the DOB. Don't get excited. It's just another meaningless exercise. They are looking to catch them working. They never do though. Taxpayer's money not well spent once again.

Anonymous said...

actually it did work this time.
Sorry to contradict you.... but I just witnessed it!

This is a rare occasion though!