Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jumpin' Juniper!

Not really sure what is going on at 62-32 71st Street in Middle Village, but the slab of concrete dotted with utility meters that replaced the garage door is pretty hideous. Then there's the wooden walkway and a ramp without handrails - what's the point? This piece of crap faces Juniper Valley Park.


Unknown said...

The ramp is their half hearted attempt at making a wheelchair accesible ramp but god knows what else they are trying to do except turn the surrounding neighborhood into a ghetto

faster340 said...

This looks like someone trying to maximize every inch of square footage they can to get every penny they can out of this property.

"Garbage in, Garbage out"...

Anonymous said...

Classic Queens. No wonder no one takes your borough seriously.

A fussy faux door (with not the least sense of style relating to the rest of the structure). It will not last 5 years before the trim starts to fall off.

No front yard, but plenty of space for brutal gas guzzling SUV.

Only 5 garbage cans and 4 meters for a three story house? There must be more!

And of couse the ever present hanging junkyards.

The overall feeling one gets is a complete disregard for taste and style, at least as is commonly known in this country.

But I am sure it makes money for someone who does not live on the block.

Why does it have to be this way?

How to change this process?

Anonymous said...

Ramp is for a doctors office?

Or perhaps someone wants to sneak in a community facility warehousing a population.

Anonymous said...

Why does this happen in Queens?

Who knows?

Heard on the news the other day a little girl in Manhattan got into trouble when some neighbors called 311 over her drawing in chalk on her sidewalk.

And it got city-wide exposure. In Queens you can scream and no one will hear you.

How about doing something about that Crappy - comparing Manhattan services delivered to the point of sillyness while more and more of Queens finds even basic services falling apart (that is if you don't live by that new housing on the waterfront)

faster340 said...

"Heard on the news the other day a little girl in Manhattan got into trouble when some neighbors called 311 over her drawing in chalk on her sidewalk."

It was Brooklyn... Hey this could be the start of a major grafitti artist and we have plenty of that in Queens so I am not totally crying that they got threatened with a summons.

Still if everyone started calling 311 for every little thing I think things would start to change. Hopefully for the better then we won't get this 3rd world looking dwelling in a country that is NOT 3rd world...

Anonymous said...

but our leadership LOVES the 3rd world and expects us to love them also!

Of course, we are footing the bill for their little experiement in mulit-national tweeding, but, it is NOT their money so what do they care?

Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone out there should start to write to their newspapers about this crap. Write early and write often. Encourge your friends and neighors to do the same.

Then, when they refuse to print you, instead of getting angry and ignored, let the fun begin. Send a copy to Crappie.

We can start a new feature:

Notes From the Circular Files:
LetterS to the EditorS.

Then perhaps, if financing gets shaky and they have to do a puff piece about silver and gold (wink wink) to bolster things up, the reality that the potential real estate investors whould see could be found inside, at the Letters to the Editor page, where the public is just venting their rage at the whold deal.

What a sport!

Perhaps these investors, sensing a potenial bee hive, would back off. Would it not be great for the public to force real estate money to dry up? It would even render moot the calm assurances of our politicians that the hoodwinked public 'will just go along.'

Anonymous said...

good idea. I'll start constructing my confrontational letter to a local newspapaper editor today.

Anonymous said...

You might not need to. I am thinking of making this house next week's Community Eyesore in the Forum West.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will be the black sheep. Maybe I am naive. But maximizing Square footage is a pretty bad excuse considering that most of these type of houses have walk in apartments anyway. Maybe, the owner has a wheelchair and needs the ramp...or maybe they will be turning it into some type of doctors office. But, the best thing to do would be to wait and see what becomes of this property instead of speculating as to the destruction of the neighborhood, when in fact for all we know, they may be trying to help a person with a disability.

Anonymous said...

here's my speculation for what it's worth: The owner of the dump must've originally started building a wooden walkway to the faux door, for a wheelchair bound tenant, but for some reason or other got slack about propping it up on the stairs. (Maybe the other tenants didn't relish walking down a ramp.) So he pushed the walkway/boardwalk away from the stairs and built a concrete ramp, instead, making it particularly hideous and ugly to get revenge on the troublesome tenants, and also to annoy the neighbors which is something absentee landlords seem to dig. (The abandoned boardwalk adds to the overall effect, too, being totally useless and absurd.)

Anonymous said...

It appears that if someone used the ramp, then they would have to step down off of it and then step up again to get into the front door anyway. Don't think it's for handicapped access.

Anonymous said...

This building has been like this for way more than a year. If the ramp is indeed for a wheelchair bound person, he'she has had a long wait! Check out all the complaints, in particular - the one about chipping away the existing fire wall:

faster340 said...

Yeah I can really see that ramp being safe. No railings or such... If I were the relative who this was built for I would say thanks but no thanks.

And I am sure this building is housing more individuals than this C of O allows.

So you can be the black sheep and live there if you like among all those wheelchair bound people..