Friday, October 26, 2007

JFK kitty roundup

To the alarm of cat rescue groups, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has started rounding up feral cats that live in a colony deep in the secured cargo areas of Kennedy International Airport. The several dozen cats have been tended for years by sympathetic airport employees.

Stray Cat Roundup at J.F.K. Worries Rescue Groups

The cats sleep in makeshift cubicles made of plastic packing containers nestled in cargo carts that once carried transcontinental luggage but have been long retired from Kennedy’s runways. They gather under and around a rusted old fuel tanker truck.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Look, having feral cats out there is bad. Thye crap, they carry disease, and thier spraying makes an area stink.

The animal groups loves cats? No problem. Put them (the cats) in shelters and let the animal groups support them.

Remember, every wild animal ultimately has a tragic ending to their lives. Its better to put them to sleep than have them starve under some container during a blizzard and have a poor slub clean up the mess in the spring.

georgetheatheist said...

And what about those damn pigeon feeders? I'd like to waterboard the lot of them!

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of Chinese food going to waste.

Anonymous said...

I read about this in the Times.

Whoever was quoted saying that rats and birds would be attracted to a cat colony has obviously never watched a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

that's true. Tom didn't take too kindly to Jerry's yellow feathered friend either, trying his darndest to cook him up for dinner and swallow him down. Then too there was Sylvester and that obnoxious tweety bird he saught to devour in Granny's home . . . which has probably been converted into a McMansion by now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they thought that these feral friends
were terrorists....intent on blowing up the airport
by carrying C-4 strapped to their bodies!

H-m-m-m.....using trained cats as suicide bombers ?

Don't tell Bin Laden !

Anonymous said...

strapping explosives to cats? Hmmm, not a bad idea.

But I think I'll use mountain lions or cheetahs instead, so that if the c-4's don't go off for some reason the cats will still be able to inflict damage by ripping the targeted crowds to bits with their claws and teeth.

Thanks for the tip! :) When you die, a long time from now, may Allah send you to that part of heaven where all the horny virgins await.

Anonymous said...

Yes....horny virgins are promised......
but the species wasn't specified.

I think goats or sheep....both virgin males and females!

You should have read the fine print Osama!