Monday, October 15, 2007

Advertising ban for council

The City Council is expected to end its long-standing practice of allowing members to pay for advertisements with taxpayer dollars following the release of a report on Monday listing the top 10 biggest advertising spenders among the membership.

City Council Said To End Long-Standing Practice of Member Ad Buys

Other members said to be in the top 10 include Council Members Leroy Comrie and Eric Gioia, both Democrats of Queens. Speaker Christine Quinn is planning to call for an end to the advertisements after the report comes out, a council source said.

Council Member Tony Avella of Queens, who is running for mayor, said he introduced a bill years ago to bar members from using taxpayer dollars to pay for advertisements, but it never won support from Ms. Quinn, who is considered a likely mayoral candidate.

Report Questions Spending on Council Members’ Ads


Anonymous said...

The names of city council members
should also be removed from the public trash cans,
unless the word "dump" can precede their names!

That represents a form of advertising also.
(Even though in this particular application....
a politicians name is often synonymous with garbage).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tony Avella, for identifying this problem so long ago.

We need someone who is unbending on ending the spending on self promotion.

Forget Quinn. Tony Avella will be the next mayor of NYC!

Anonymous said...

Avella is connected to The Parkside Group & the Staviskys. Evan as Deputy Mayor? Forgetaboutit!

Anonymous said...

wth do they DO
beyond voting for their own pay raises ?
A FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR operating expense annually .
50M bucks for WHAT ?

Anonymous said...

Good. I hate to see all that ink and paper wasted on ads from the same people over and over every year. but if one guy backed out of doing them he/she'd be branded unpatriotic or whatever. So they do need to ban them completely, good!