Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LIC art is for the birds

This floating condo with a bird's-eye view of the Manhattan skyline is ready for occupancy - by swallows, wrens and their feathered pals.


The avian apartments are inside a 24-foot high aluminum tree standing on an aluminum-skinned “island" that floats on two pontoons.

The public sculpture is anchored 15 feet out in the East River near 44th Drive in Long Island City, where it will remain through Saturday. Artist Chico MacMurtrie said he will apply to the state Department of Environmental Conservation for a permit to move it to a nearby inlet.


Anonymous said...

Hey....wait a minute....that's a good idea.
I'm going to build floating luxury condos
for people.

Do I need a new building permit.....
or can I get away with a cheaper alteration permit.

Oh....what's that you say?
There's no existing foundation to alter?

Well ....I'm altering the river.....ha, ha, ha !

Anonymous said...

Well.....I guess aluminum trees
are better than the real ones that were cut down
at St. Saviour's !

Hey Benepe.......
how does this idea fit in
with the NYC Parks Department's
new practice of minimum care for parkland?

Think of it.....
a forest of gleaming self maintaining
silver metal trees
replacing all those at Ridgewood.....
atop a spanking new emerald green astro-turf lawn.

And then (pardon me "Beatles")
"....cellophane trees and marmelaide skies...".

That girl (Adrian) has got "kaleidoscope eyes".

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds" !
Somebody here is on LSD....and it ain't me !

This whole business started with the first artificial
X-mas tree..... and it's grown into an epidemic!

Anonymous said...

"apply to the state Department of Environmental Conservation" -

Aluminum is a material which requires a large amount of energy to produce. What does it mean to be an "Artist"? Does it mean moron??

Anonymous said...

this guy ain't an artist. He's a developer, specializing in constructing crappy homes - for birds!

Anonymous said...

Look at that.....
an aluminum bonsai island
floating in the East River.

The latest Art-fart tourist attraction!