Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy homecoming!

To whom it may concern,

My neighbors & I live right next to the off-campus St. John's Dorm on Henley Road. We really appreciate the coverage your web site has given this crap.

We, obviously, want to stop this from happening. We understand that they've found some loopholes to build this thing legally, so we're trying a different angle. Our plan, however impossible, is to get the University themselves to realize in advance what an error this will be & to change their minds.

There are large, red, anti-dorm signs in every surrounding lawn & there will be more soon. We had a protest/demonstration at their open house last weekend. There were about 50 protesters and then St. John's sent student volunteers from the open house out to us with a bullhorn. The were only there to antagonize us. They even called the NYPD. I have attached some photos from that day to this e-mail.

We will be protesting AGAIN, this Saturday at their Homecoming Weekend. We will be at their main gate on Utopia Parkway from 9:30am.

Thank you.

S. F.


Anonymous said...

always felt sorry for the youngsters who are dragged along to these protests by their parents. Even though the protests, like this one, are vitally important they must seem like slow torture to the kids, having to be standing about for hours on end when they could be hanging out at the playground or whatnot. Yah, I guess there's something to be said about teaching kids civic responsibility at an early age. Still...

Bookartist said...

Good luck people! I grew up on Union Turnpike and 162 St: the other side of St John's, but I'm still familiar with the 'hood (and I miss it so!)

verdi said...

I'm for the idea of signs in every window
regarding any project
that any community has issue with.

They might read:

"I'M A VOTER and
I VOTE NO to (fill in your issue) "!

Let Bloomberg & Co. see where he stands
in his Queens "popularity" poll !