Friday, October 19, 2007

LPC loves Queens, the Bronx and S.I. too!

From:"Diane Jackier"
Subject:Proposed Designations

On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, the Landmarks Preservation Commission is holding public hearings on the following proposed designations:

DUMBO Historic District, Brooklyn

St. Stephen’s Church, Manhattan

Fire Engine Co. 53, Manhattan

11th Street Public Bath, Manhattan

Beth Hamedrash Synagogue, Manhattan

Elizabeth Home for Girls, Manhattan

(Former) Public National Bank of New York, Manhattan

Wheatsworth Factory, Manhattan

Webster Hall, Manhattan

Morris B. Sanders House, Manhattan


Anonymous said...

The Village is a wonderful neighborhood, but why doesn't the Landmarks Commission just rename their agency the Village Commission, or better yet, keep NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission as its "effective" title & do what they're best at... preserving Manhattan. Damn those defunct bureaucrats!

Anonymous said...

I like a publication from the 'Neigbhorhood Preservation Center'

Full of events happening within a few blocks of the building.

Why don't they rename it the Village Preservation Center?

Anonymous said...

That is easy, when they write grants to support this, they tell the donors that they have programs in the five boroughs and spend almost all their time in Manhattan.

Like MAS, HDC, and the rest of the alphabet soup, everyone is aware of this but they are not doing a thing about it.

Any groups in Queens that are working with them (think Sunnyside or Douglaston) are not lifting a finger to force them to be more embracing.

Those groups only notice the rest of us when they need testimony at public hearings for ... their communities.

Anonymous said...

This law should be overturned. It is not friendly to blocks of immigrants, people of color, and working class.

Who is willing to put it out of its misery?

Anonymous said...

No problem!

Queens has LPC commissioners that the preservation community has embraced!

HDC is headed by a Queens person.

And look at all those new landmarked areas - Sohmer, Sunnyside Gardens, a swimming pool, a library, a fire plug here and a curb cut there.

What is your problem?

verdi said...

Here's another finger in your eye.....
LPC has turned its attention and resources
to Brooklyn and bypassed Queens (once again) .

They're promoting 5....that's right.....FIVE
new historic districts in Brooklyn!

What do you expect....Queens is #4....
way down on LPC's list....
when it comes to the number of designated landmarks in our borough compared to the rest
of the other 4 boroughs of NYC !

Anonymous said...

Actually, many of you misunderstand the language used by the LPC. They are absolutely for preserving Queens.

It's just that the "Queens" they refer to populate the Village.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't we have anything of value in Queens? Last time I remembered, we pay taxes and I'm sure we pay the salaries of the LPC. What are we? -- The Forgotten Borough? This group should travel ALL of the boroughs and make a list of valuable properties to be landmarked. This whole scenario is just wrong! They wonder why the middle class is leaving New York.

Anonymous said...

This group should travel ALL of the boroughs and make a list of valuable properties to be landmarked.

Look we have been doing this for decades. Everyone knows what the problem is.

Its with the people in the movement. We need to start over.

The whole effort has lost its way - we need to make a list of preservationists and build something around them!

verdi said...

Yeah....more lists and more studies.

Do you know where LPC files them all......
up our asses!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but there are 'secret' lists that are giving to the LPC with a nod and wink from the preservation community.

Be nice if some of our 'colleagues' would fess up to that little stunt.

I bet some are red lined and others are in the running.

For example, when one 'Queens preservationist' once said, College Point is the armpit of Queens you can imagine what side of the fence they are.

We can expect a square deal from that one, can't we?

Anonymous said...

Hey, just found out that a Queens guy now runs Historic House Trust.

Big question, has preservation gotten so out of style that they are now letting the Queens contingent run things?