Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deer Killed On Parkway

One of the deer that had been spotted along the Cross Island Parkway sadly became roadkill earlier this month:

"Traffic was snarled on the Cross Island Parkway on Monday, October 15, when an adult deer ran across the highway and was struck by a car in the northbound lanes, in the vicinity of Bell Boulevard. No human injuries were reported, but the animal was killed.

Although rare, deer are to be found in Queens, according to officials of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Two have been spotted together in recent months.

They are known to travel along the routes of parkways and parks throughout the borough, and can cause serious damage and injury in an accident. Deer usually travel during twilight hours, so commuters should be aware." - Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

A shame. We can't have anything beautiful and natural here in Queens. If the people don't kill it, the government does.

Anonymous said...

Relax, while this is a sad incident, its not like people were activley seeking the deer out to kill it. Such drama.