Saturday, October 20, 2007

How generous

"No community wants a homeless shelter," said Borough President Helen Marshall. But Marshall, who experienced the problems attendant on a hotel used as a homeless shelter in her own neighborhood, said, "We cannot have those kind of conditions exist in our community. I've lived through this."

Pistilli Offers To Buy Westway At UCCA Meeting

After one resident suggested the use of eminent domain to get rid of the motel, Poveromo read a letter from real estate developer Joseph Pistilli offering to buy it. "Pistilli Realty Group and members of the community agree that the Westway Motel cannot serve as a substitute for a homeless shelter," the letter said in part.


Anonymous said...

what an ugly motel. No wonder they have difficulty getting paying customers.

verdi said...

I wouldn't bring a two dollar whore there to f--k !

Anonymous said...

Only in Astoria does someone who is in real estate, has ties to the politicians, and is involved with CB1 (the community board from hell) would be taken seriously as a 'community activist.'

Anonymous said...

I like this. Pistilli mutilates two historic buildings, has thugs that can't answer questions showing people around them, and uses the most awkward layout and cheapest materials in his units.

They don't have kitchens because their tenants have no need to cook in them. Big closet space because you need a place to pack all those trunks for a half dozen (or more) people that will be sleeping in each unit.

You see, these buildings were not put up for Manhattan yuppies (you know, the ones that supposed to flock at all those Euro-cafes.) They may say this in all those newspaper articles that are little more than puff pieces for the developers and their efforts to find financing, but the lack of stores in the community catering to this crowd, as well as the deteriorating shopping districts and hordes of Elmhurst types cluelessly sauntering along clogging sidewalks with their baby carriages tells us a reality, and a future for that community, that is quite different.

Nope, these fine well constructed units (with the outside of the building already peeling off before the units are even sold) a tailor made for speculators (with uncertain cash backing?) to purchase cells ('apartments' the brochure states) that will be used as dorms.

Put in a half dozen Filipino nurses here, Midwestern farm boys at college there, or Mexican day labors everywhere, and whoompa, profits that will pay off your 'condo' investment in a few years. Milking the cow in Astoria makes you a nice cash flow to pump into your tasteless McMansions on the North Shore.

Yes, by all means, give him Westway.

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall is out in 2009. Sounds like a long time but it's really not in party machine and campaign talk. Lets hope Queens can fight the political machines and try to elect someone who really cares about Queens and is willing to fight for it. Helen Marshall gave it a shot but she lacks the teeth and the political savy to make herself heard. Anybody have a good idea whom they think could fit that role?

Anonymous said...

lets hope"


I politics, you don't hope.

You organize,
just like the clubhouse does.

You enforce discipline in the ranks,
just like the clubhouse does.

Anonymous said...

Let the community comment on Pistilli:

Pistilli Riverview East Apartments

Note the attempts at positive spin perhaps from employees and other shills.

Anonymous said...

"Michael".....political savvy ????.....
Helen Marshal lacks the brains....period!

She's just a bag lady for the builders.....
a house slave (a "yes sir") to the real estate industry.

She'll tap dance on cue
for the likes of Mattone, Pistilli , TDC, Muss,
even Huang any time.

Can't you see that ?

We're all beguiled by her clueless smile
and her folksy ways.

In reality.....she's a clever malevolent
political schemer.... posing as someone who cares!

Queens has been taken for a ride!

georgetheatheist said...

What does a "Borough President" really do? (except nosh for free at society functions) Huh?

Anonymous said...

what the borough really needs is a president who doesn't equate development with community well being. Grass, trees, and open airy spaces rejuvinate communities, not tennis stadiums that hog up public parks and other money making ventures like luxury waterfront condos.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your optimism BUT.....
take a closer look at the history of the borough presidency since its inception.

(i.e. Maurice Connelly, I believe, stole some money that resulted in giving us our inadequate one pipe sewer system) !!!

I don't see the office getting any better!


Anonymous said...

Two words: