Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Queens buildings newsletter

The October 2007 Queens newsletter of the NYC Department of Buildings:

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Anonymous said...

Legislative Update: Excavation Law

Why was their no duty to safeguard neighboring properties? Why was there no insurance requirement in the building code? This is ludicrous. Even after Tommy Huang's many victims contacted the DOB about the extensive damage that he caused to their properties by his illegal practices and also apprised the DOB about his lack of liability insurance, they let him continue to build and do more damage.

It is mindboggling to think that these requirements were not in place a long time ago. The DOB should require Huang and other developers to make their victims whole before they are issued any more permits to build. If they cannot do that, the Mayor should make their victims whole. It seems to me that to expect the adjacent homeowners to engage in costly litigation with the likes of the Huangs and others, who have deep pockets is totally unfair. Many of the victims cannot afford to dish out ridiculous legal fees. The City of New York should set up a fund to bail out the victims.