Sunday, October 21, 2007

7 train extension problem

The MTA and the city are moving ahead with a planned extension of the No. 7 subway line to the Javits Convention Center, but much of the original project may be scrapped to stay on budget, officials said yesterday.


Not only will plans for a stop at 41st Street and 11th Avenue be eliminated, but the MTA may not even build a planned shell for a future station.

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Anonymous said...

A billion dollars for for subway expansion, and only one new station?

I heard of space stations that cost less to build than the 7 train expansion.

Anonymous said...

maybe the MTA is just playing poor to make it seem like they'll have a legit need to jack up fares.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if that money instead was used to fix the existing line which is prone to so many problems.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the money should be used to expand the 7 line out to the Nassau Co border and activate the old LIRR to Middle Village and Glendale.

You folks always claim you don't have enough service, but I don't hear of you want to do something about it like expanding the current subway system into your communities.

No, downzoning aint't going to do any good if 100,000s of new commuters living in new housing stand between you and the city.

LIRR aint't goint to help - they are planning new stations in western Queens for the new developments.