Thursday, October 18, 2007

6th avenue heartache

Midtown Manhattan traffic came to a standstill yesterday afternoon when a debris-filled metal container fell 53 stories from a crane, sending construction workers running for cover and injuring eight people.

8 hurt as container falls from New York building

The accident occurred at about 1 p.m. when a metal container used to haul debris unlatched from a crane atop a 55-story office building under construction at 1111 Sixth Ave., fire officials said. Both fire and Buildings Department officials said the building is a future home for Bank of America.

The city Buildings Department, which is investigating the accident, ordered all work stopped at the site though inspectors found the crane and the building "structurally sound," a spokeswoman said.

A Hail of Debris Injures 8 in Midtown

Photo from NY Sun


Anonymous said...

This construction site has had problems before. Last March 13th there was another incident at that site. Had something to do with the crane. No one was hurt then, but the subways service on the #7 line terminated at Grand Central and was suspended into Times Square. I had to walk on 42nd Street past the site. Traffic was a mess with lots of Fire and Police activity. Made me late for a memorial service.

Anonymous said...

could be a harbinger for a....heh....heh...heh....
falling (and about to fail) financial market .

Anticipating phase #2 of the sub prime collapse....
still pending!