Thursday, October 18, 2007

Starbucks coming to Metro

At long last, here's the plan for this spot:

A developer has stirred up plans with Starbucks for a fifth shop in the zip code - and 19th in Queens - as part of a two-story complex opening next spring at 71st and Metropolitan Aves.

Starbucks perks along with plans for 5th shop in Forest Hills

Barring a negotiation breakdown, the coffee giant would join a well-known bank and a real estate office on the 12,000-square-foot piece of land, formerly occupied by an auto repair shop, said developer David Koptiev.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Mr. Koptiev care about his neighborhood? How many more banks does Forest Hills need?

Anonymous said...

Starbucks would be good there. I like that idea!

Anonymous said...

Star its better known....
another real cultural "boon" to the FH community.

Isn't that just "peachy" ? !!!

A proliferation of chain drug stores, banks.....
and now a hipster java mecca
where yuppie/yentas can schmooze
and Wi Fi the hours away.

I can just see Koptiev listing Starbucks
a chief amenity in his real estate promotion brochure.

Unknown said...

I can think of much worse buisnesses that could sprout up on that corner. Would you prefer another 7-eleven?

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is nothing less
than an overpriced "7-11" Michael.....
sans the trappings.
(Oh but pardon's not very Forest Hills-ish).

There seem to be a lot of pretentious latte lappers
in FH (5 stores). Are you, perhaps, one of them ?

I, myself love the honesty of a lower class
better tasting coffee emporium
like Dunkin Doughnuts
(their mocha lattes beat anything I've ever sipped) .

No computer hook ups...though...
but, then again, my G4 powerbook is wireless.
So who gives a Star Fux !

Unknown said...

I guess you would prefer another 99 cents store. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Hate to bust you're bubble "Michael"....
but FH ain't what it used to be.

Get ready for a nose dive.....or move into The Gardens.

Anonymous said...

When anybody looks forward
to a Starbucks franchise to save a neighborhood.....
things must be getting pretty desperate!

Time to move out of mamma's house.

Peter said...

Michael - apparently there are plenty of anonymous losers here who would prefer a 99-cent store. Here's hoping that Starbucks drives them all out of the neighborhood.