Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bye-bye to Bayside trees

A 39th Avenue property that served as the backdrop - and exclam- ation point - for Councilman Tony Avella's (D-Bayside) assailment of a city proposal requiring property owners to plant more trees has seen its own tree canopy come crashing down.

City must maintain its tree cover: Avella

The councilman...said the measure was inadequate because of what he described as the city's failure to maintain existing tree cover, and he had pointed to the 212-15 39th Ave. property behind his Bayside office as an example.

Boarded up by high fences, the property contains an old single-family house and, at the time of the press conference, was also home to the 100-year-old trees. They were cut down by workers at the site in the last week.


Anonymous said...

There goes another useful "hanging tree" !

I guess lamp posts can be substituted
for the proper occasion.

(That's just a joke....folks.....
and any of you law enforcement guys
who may be scoping my comment) !

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it. The greening of Queens is intended in only areas that are about to get development.

Not only does this soften a bit the moon landscape that a community under assault by developers begins to resemble, but its one a host of multimillion dollars amenities (like the 'green'way, sidewalks, etc) that are put into these communities to entice developers.

The rest of Queens? Hollowing out as a prep for the developers to move in. Chop 'em down.