Sunday, October 21, 2007

Midsection murder in Middle Village

This is 66-64 69th Street in Middle Village.

This was a 2-family house, but it sits on a double wide lot, so therefore it's crappification time. Plans applied for show 6 new units here. Interesting way to demo a house, too, by the way.


Anonymous said...

That's kind of sad. The heart of a house being ripped out and with it the soul of a neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I used to live on 69th Street before I moved up to CT. The great shame is that the fault lies not just with the greedy developers, but for the former home owners who sell the property and basically care less what happens to it. They know that its going to be taken down and it just doesn't matter to them. Their interest isn't the neigborhood they are leaving behind, and they pretty much can care less what happens to the neghbors.

Next door to me was a lovely piece of property with a long drive way, and treese that ran along side the house I rented. Its a shame but more than likely when the woman who lives there passes away, it will be sold and a mutli family dwelling will go up and destroy more of the character of Middle Village...

Paul C. Barba