Monday, October 29, 2007

Where’s John Liu?

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Its interesting to me that no mention of John Liu was made regarding the Bland Playground mess. Why? Because he’s a Democrat? Because your paper supports him? Because he wants to be the next mayor? The mess that has become downtown Flushing itself and the blame for it should start with Liu. That story might start to clean things up. Otherwise, it’s politics as usual and our Flushing streets and playgrounds will only get worse.

David Meyer


Anonymous said...

I followed John liu since day 1, as a poor working slob from flushing, i read all the papers and watch all the news, I walk and breath the changes in my flushing, for many many years all i want is a clean safe enjoyable hood for all, and some english respect for me ,...but i come away with the idea that john had some backing took advatage of his roots connections and the change in the landscpe to make a name for himself and that his nothing but a every day lowlife..

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
Liu's plan is to teach the remaining non Asian residents of the Bland Houses Mandarin Chinese
(remember those free classes offered last year) ?

This way......the remaining "Black folk" (etc.)
might better understand the orders from their new "overseers" from across the Pacific!

Anonymous said...

Point the finger (or give it to 'em).....

Liu is their sock puppet.

He merely executes the orders of the
Democratic clubhouse machine!

Thank you Tom Manton.....
your ghost still walks our borough!

Anonymous said...

John lieu of a real city council representative !

Anonymous said...

If you take a tour through Johnny's council district, you will see a plethora of new housing construction, especially on Union Street and all of the side streets. The councilman complains about the lack of school seating in the area. What a clown! The machine will try to find him a new position but I hope the constinuency will speak loud and clear and get him out the arena of public service. Perhaps he should have looked up "service" in the dictionary before taking the job!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Here's a featurette on Council Member John C. Liu and his priorities
as a New Yorker in public office, from citywide transit issues to his
favorite moments with his family. Enjoy!

Andy Woo
Office of Council Member John C. Liu

NY DAILYNEWS: "10 Questions for Councilman John Liu" - 10/16/2007>

EXCERPT - City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) represents Flushing...
He chairs the Transportation Committee. Born in Taiwan, Liu moved to
Flushing at age 5 and entered the City Council in January 2002. He
lives eight blocks from his first home: "I haven't gone very far in
life in geographic terms."

1. What do you like about your work?

I would not characterize what I do as work. I have a dream job...


This is what passes for reporting when the clubhouse is involved.

It is beyond the ability of the media to critically evaluate and review our elected officials.

Garbage like this insults the tree cut down for the paper.

Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Liu's pop did time for some sort of business crappy, but I do not know the details , if any one has them can you please share them, of course i am intrested to know how the old mans friends were and how big their and his pockets were? Thank you!

I must add between him in office and running ofr mayor, and hillery running for pres-- I as an American , am fuc$ed !

Anonymous said...

Joseph Liu....Johnny's daddy....
was convicted (with others)
on federal bank fraud charges, I believe,
involving the Great Eastern Bank on Main St.

I don't recall him actually serving time.
I think the sentence was suspended
and some sort of house arrest
(with an electronic tracking device?)
was substituted.

Hey.....when you're "hooked up"
to clubhouse politics.....I suppose
there's always the "right judge"
available to get you out of doing jail time!

Ask C.M. Liu's cousin Tommy Huang !

Anonymous said...

This smug self satisfied little guy makes me gag every time I see him parade self-righteously in front of the camer.

Exhibit A of a clubhouse tweed.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary

Tweed: the wallpaper pattern on the walls of the clubhouse liu.

Anonymous said...

What would Brian Boitano do??

Anonymous said...

Plumped out cheeks.....
a little broader around the waist....
and a receding hairline.

"Wonder boy"
doesn't seem what he used to be these days.
But was he ever ?
(A little to much feeding....and tweeding....
at the clubhouse trough)!

Anonymous said...

Where's John Liu? He might be fundraising in Taiwan with Tommy and Gary.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is in the loo on the bowl.
(Watch it....
don't you take "Crappy's" spot on the throne).

The comments he's been reading about himself on QC have been giving him "the runs" lately.

Anonymous said...

"The runs"
as long as he doesn't decide to run for anther office
after he's term limited out!

Anonymous said...

I heard he'll be running for a city-wide office. He'll do for the city what he has done for Flushing.... Heaven help us all!

Anonymous said...

John Liu is a joke. Look at the mess in his Flushing backyard. This guy has a big ego and no brains.

Anonymous said...

whatever you guys are just haters. John Liu is doing a pretty good job. stop all your yapping I dont see you doing shit

a_REAL_American said...

i can guarantee all those negative comments were made by one guy/girl. all the writing style is the same, same spelling errors, same lame jokes. why are you hating so bad on this guy? just because he's a minority? are you scared of him or something? because that does seem to be a staple in your argument.